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18 GOALS FOR 2018!

I was tagged by the lovely Alex from Lamb & Bear to do this post, as I was going to do a goal/resolution post anyway I thought it would be quite fitting, make sure you check out Alex's goals!

2017 has been pretty epic for me, I'm not going to lie! It's had shit times regarding my dad's health and realising who really cares for you in life and who bloody doesn't, but I've figured their loss! But I'm going to be on MTV in a couple of weeks which still feels really strange saying/typing that out. Like me? Just a small town girl (living in a lonely world) getting a chance of a lifetime, that turned my whole life around for the better, I can't say too much until you see it, just watch and you shall see! (MTV JANUARY 17th 9pm) So I just want to make 2018 even more amazing and have more adventures with my family and friends.

1. READ more, something I really want to do more, I say every year I need to read more but don't ever find the time too. I want to start putting my phone on charge in the living room so its out of reach at night time and just settle in bed with a cuppa and a good book!

2. SOCIALISE more, I am a massive hermit, since I became a mum my whole life consists of just being a mum and no that isn't bad but I still need to be me, I'm more than just a mum, I'm still Paige I just need a little help finding her again and going to gigs with friends, I wrapped myself up in this little bubble for so long. Dan socialises lots with his friends, he goes on 'lads' holidays and so forth so I need to start doing the same, step out my safety blanket and have a bit more fun!

3. DE CLUTTER, I keep saying I want to be 'minimalist' , but I know deep down that's not going to happen, but I do want to throw away things I've hoarded for several months and just make space, get rid! I de cluttered my kitchen the other day, sorted out every cupboard and every draw (even the crap draw, if you know, you know). And I feel amazing for it, everything has a place and it is so much more easier to keep tidy so my plan is to de clutter one room per week and feel way better for it afterwards.

4. MEAL PLAN, I am so bad for wasting food its embarrassing! I always feel SO bad for it afterwards to, when Oscar is moaning about something really pointless I say there are children in Africa not eating today then I think hypocrite you just threw away a meal. So that majorly needs to stop, will also keep me in line for my healthier lifestyle too.

5. DRINK MORE WATER, I am so bad for this, I need to cut down on the 6 cups of coffee a day, and get more H20 in me!

6. INSTAGRAM, make more of an effort with my Instagram! Instagram is my most favourite social media and I want to be good at it, I have said to myself this year I want to do a month of colour as a 'theme' I am so shite with themes I don't know how long it's going to last but I'm going to try my absolute best.

7. TRY YOGA, This is something I've wanted to do for ages but always put it of, the fear of bending over and farting in a new group terrifies me and if I get into a certain pose and can't get out of it?

8. BABY GROUPS, strange goal and my 'baby' is 2 but you know what I mean those groups you take your little ones to for them to socialise, I've suffered with anxiety since god knows when and the thought of a baby group used to give me a panic attack, this year I've learnt a lot about myself and my confidence is really good currently so I want to be braver and take Lawson to some groups for us BOTH to find new friends.

9. FRIENDS, I've had a right shit luck with friends, is it me? Is it them? Honestly a bit of both I'm a shit friend in the respect that I'm in my own little bubble and happy in it that I cancel plans within the hour were supposed to do something but I am that friend that would do anything for you and very loyal. I have struggled to find a good group of friends since I moved to the town I live in now, I have a few amazing ones that no matter how long we go without talking they are always there which I am forever grateful for and I have some god damn amazing blogger friends that I really want to make more of an effort with and actually go and see them this year! To all the good friends I have I basically want to make more of an effort with them and do things with them! No more cancelling plans.

10. NETFLIX AND CHILL, I am a major Netflix addict, I want to continure this addiction and get into more series, any recommendations?

11. BE ORGANISED, I say this every year too but I really do want to fully get my shit together this year! My mother in law got me a gorgeous diary so I plan on using it! I sucked at bullet journaling, I admire everyone else's and wish I could of stuck at it, but I couldn't, lets hope the diary works!

12. MAKE AN EFFORT, I need to make more of an effort with my appearance, half of last year I worked hard on my body and will continue too and that has made me grow mentally and physically but I want to show that off more, I need some fashion tips? Also want to look a bit more glam on the school run rather than looking like something from a horror movie.

13. CHILL, I need to learn to take 5 every now and again, I am constantly going around like a bee at home and never stopping, I'm driving Dan crazy with him of work because I don't know how to just put my feet up for 5 during the day, I genuinely find it so hard until the kids go to bed but I need to realise its fine to just make myself a brew and take 5, the ironing doesn't need doing straight away, the dishes can wait, etc.

14. LEARN TO USE CAMERA,I see on Alex goals she has the same camera as me Sony A500 I also need to learn how to use it properly too! Time to get the manual out and have a good read, I love photography and would love to make more of an effort with it.

15. SOCIAL MEDIA FREE DAY, I would love to try one whole day a week on no social media! See how long it lasts and what a difference it makes, I mean I can't be the only person who checks their phone in the morning like the morning paper on all social media accounts? It's habit and one I'd love to break, stop fantasising over Susan's amazing life (online life) or Mary's amazing Instagram feed or Barry's tweet that got 456k hearts!

16. ADVENTURE, more adventures with my family! Nothing I love more than exploring new places with my boys, I really want to try camping out this year.

17. SAVE, I am so bad with money, it burns holes in my pockets. I am doing a saving scheme with my nan this year, I'm going to give her £10 a week until before Christmas which will mean I am sorted for Christmas and £10 a week at home that if needed I can dip into if we are in need of something or new clothes? Just money to have for a rainy day.

18. PLAN, I want to plan more blog content and be more consistent with it! My blog has been all over the shop this year but half of last year was the reason why I threw myself into something completely and the blog took a back seat unfortunately but I want to make more of an effort with it this year and keep at it, I also really want to delve more into the Youtube world especially to talk about my experiences and my healthier lifestyle.

What are your goals for the new year?


  1. So many good goals here hun, and I'm sure you will smash it! I want to start saving for a house of our own, and I want to read more too! i'm going to join my local library :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you lovely! All the best for your new home xx

  2. So many goals you have said are the same as mine. I've began reading just before bed, I find that it helps me switch off. Also if you ever want to get together for a chat, coffee or whatever...hit me up :) x

    1. I honestly fall to sleep much easier with a book in hand at night! That would be so lovely hunny, be nice to have a catch up! Let me know when your next free xx

  3. There's definitely a few items on this list that I could be working on such as saving, planning, being more organised and meal planning with being back on Slimming World soon. We also need to plan seeing each other, as we have been meaning to for a while! x

    Jess // The Jess Volumes xo

    1. All the best with your slimming world journey, yes! We need to get round to this xx


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