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Hello lovelies, I've been so absent on my blog and found it hard to come on here and write about toy reviews (I am late with a couple sorry) With a family day out too because I've wanted to address something more serious.

Suicide,  it's changed my life in many ways that word. I've attempted it a couple of times and now I'm living through loosing my mum through it. I'm still not quite ready to speak my story, my thoughts, my emotions but this is just a draft to put it out there and that I will. I want to talk about mental health more on my blog, I've suffered deep dark depression, anxiety and I've grew up with watching someone I love with it and now loosing her.

I'm sorry this post is quite vague I'm still quite numb and don't even know how I will put everything out in words, I will be posting a toy review and a family day out blog because I was very kindly gifted these items but then I will get back to this, I've always wanted to talk more about mental health and one day I want to help people who are fighting a battle with themselves daily. To help anyone realise that their life IS worth living and the pain you face daily or you would put your family through if you did end your life.


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