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Gazillion bubbles Crazy wands £3.99* 

Hello lovelies, we were kindly given some fun new toys from Gazillion bubbles recently, how cool do these look? These are their new crazy wands! The boys found these hilarious and couldn't wait to try them all out.

Each pack comes with two crazy wands, a bottle of gazillion bubbles and a little tray to put the bubble mixture into, you then dip your wand in and blow to your hearts content. 

I've said it before but I don't know anyone who doesn't like bubbles? We even as a family had so much fun with these wands, they would make great entertainment at parties or even weddings for all ages.

With the handy little tray too it makes it easier to take around wherever you go, we like to blow bubbles in the garden, in a local park, up our forestry commission and take them to our nans house.

Oscars favourite wand was the monster one which he said looked like a zombie! He's obsessed with zombies at the minute and Lawson loved the bunny teeth one, we did find the bunny teeth wand didn't blow out bubbles as good as the other wands so bear that in mind when choosing your wands although it looks the funniest. For £3.99 though I think this is a right bargain and hours of fun to be had with them. These will be available on Amazon and Asda.

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