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Hello lovelies, recently we were very kindly invited to a Wyevale garden centre at Moreton Park, it was over an hour and a half away from where we live so we were looking forward to the adventure. We live very close to our own Wyevale garden centre and love it especially the little garden it has behind it. 

Oscar and Lawson was very much looking forward to meeting the easter bunny! Dan was supposed to come along with us but he had to get to work on our extension so we brought my mother in law along with us, she thoroughly enjoyed it so that was good! 

We got the garden centre and was seated in a closed of place from the normal cafe area which was nice to feel like we was in our own area with other people who had paid to have tea with the easter bunny! We sat down and was greeted with tea or coffee and juice for the boys, on the table there was activity sheets for the boys to fill out and an egg biscuit for them to decorate. I had to persuade the boys to not eat the egg before their tea came out, it worked luckily as the easter bunny had come out just in time for the kids to chase after him/her!

Oscar and Lawson loved running around after the bunny, the only thing I would say about this is it isn't a great area to run around, it would of been good if the kids went on an egg hunt instead maybe with the team or us parents on a hunt to find chocolate rather than chasing a bunny around the little area but the staff were super friendly and very attentive. 

We then got bought out our dinner, me and the mother in law had fish and chips which tasted very fresh and was super filling, the boys had pork sausages, vegetables and chips and they really enjoyed that. They then got given some chocolate eggs and an opportunity to take photos with the Easter bunny, they then got given a gorgeous cuddly toy. Lawson chose a lamb which was super cute and so soft and cuddly and Oscar chose a cute little piglet. 

I think considering the meals, the soft toys, the chocolate, biscuit and how lovely the staff was with us all it was well worth the money. I wouldn't say I would drive out over an hour to go to that one in particular again but I would definitely recommend going to your local garden centre and doing the Easter experience, I know the garden centres have something special on for every occasion, it's definitely made me want to go to future events.  The Mad Hatter was the star of the show, very welcoming, friendly and looking after all his guests at the tea party but all the staff there were wonderful, a lot more friendlier than the staff at our local one actually. If you live near Moreton Park then definitely try it next Easter or future events they have coming up. 

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  1. This looks like such fun and something completely different xx


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