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Hello lovelies, we were very kindly sent this jigsaw during the easter break and it has kept both boys entertained, they both are really into jigsaws at the minute and they both really like Paw Patrol. 

It's really nice when I come across a toy or activity that both boys can enjoy and play nicely together, it is a 24 piece jigsaw and the pieces are quite large so perfect for their age groups. Oscar is 5 so is going into the smaller piece jigsaws now but this is perfect for Lawson who is almost 3. They worked it out together though and managed to solve it without my help.

It is very bright and colourful and great for hand and eye co-ordination and obviously puzzle solving. Ravensburger who makes the jigsaws do so many different designs so perfect for all ages and I'm sure you can even design your own. 

If you have a little paw patrol fan at home then I'm sure they are going to love this, who doesn't love a jigsaw puzzle? Unless its over 200 pieces I'm out, I don't think I have the patience haha but Dan on the other hand loves them and finds them very therapeutic. It's good for the kids as well as its a calm activity, peace in the house and serene, what's not to love about that?

Ta-Dah! Here is the finale, they both really enjoyed playing with it and it comes out often in our living room now.

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