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Mine It - £4.99

Hello lovelies! How did you survive half term? I actually did pretty well, my children surprised me! Does anyone else find that their over 4 year olds behave better when they are out of school for a few days? Oscar has such an attitude on him at the minute, especially after school but he was so pleasant over the half term, it was refreshing. Whilst we had lots planned over half term I did want one day in the house and luckily for us we got sent these lovely bits from Mine it so we could have our own little adventure indoors.

Here is what you get inside your bar of gold or diamond, a chisel, a hammer and a magnifying glass then you have to dig for your treasure! To make it more fun for the children you could hide the bar of gold or diamond and maybe even draw your own treasure map! Make a day of it with clues and hide it, then they have to find it and dig for more treasure.

Here are Lawson and Oscar digging to see what is inside their diamond and bar of gold. 1 in 24 boxes you can find a real diamond or piece of gold or you can collect 6 precious stones,  Black Line Jasper, Rose Crystal, Picture Jasper, Red Onyx, Tiger Eye and Volcanic Rock. Oscar actually wanted to find the Volcanic rock.

It does say that it is suitable for 5 year olds plus because the dust can get into little ones eyes but I was very close to them and you could always put some glasses or goggles on them! They had so much fun digging and it was exciting for them both to see what they could find, even I was very intrigued. Praying for gold haha!

Nanny Jayne gave Lawson a hand on getting to his treasure and they were both excited that they were getting somewhere! But what did they get?

Oscar found Volcanic rock so he was so excited and Lawson got Tiger eye, both lovely and a nice precious rock to keep on display. I would highly recommend this to parents with little ones to go on a treasure/pirate adventure and dig for gold! a great price and a perfect activity to do over the easter holidays coming up. 

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