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Hello lovelies, we were recently very kindly sent this gorgeous hen house from Brio a couple of weeks back and both boys have been loving it!

I am a huge fan of wooden toys, they look lovely and they last for years! Especially when the odd tempter tantrum occurs and things get thrown across the room. This Brio set is so gorgeously coloured, its simple but great on the eye and perfect for little ones. Now this set is suitable from 18months but my 2 and a half year old and even 5 year olds boys adore this. 

It's great for Lawson for his hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills, balancing the hen on the fence and top of the house which is also fun, putting the fence panels together to keep the hen in place and placing the bucket on top of the lady (I presume) to collect the eggs.

For Oscar its amazing for his imagination and oral play, he loves making up little scenarios and talks the whole way through playing with his younger brother. He also often gets his other farm animals and brings down the other lovely set we have been kindly sent and makes up a little farm. 

I think Brio in particular for their design, structure and longevity of their products is so good value for money and perfect for little children, I love that on their website they make it easier for you too to suit a toy for all ages just by clicking the 'age' icon. 

I think this would be a lovely toy to get the kids for easter this year with the hen, you could maybe talk to them more about the hen and where eggs come from and have it as the gift at the end of an amazing egg hunt. I'm going to use this over easter with hay and other items for a sensory activity with Lawson. 

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  1. Yeah. This is great toys for baby. Because every baby want play in the Home. so I think baby will be Safety. Thanks


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