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Hello lovelies, I feel like I come on here and make the same excuses, but I really have been truly lost since I lost my mom this year and my head has just been a huge fog but these lovely people keep sending me lovely things for my kids so I need to get my butt into gear and start writing again. Even when I'm going through the worst time my children are what pick me up and when they're happy it gives me happiness. What has been making them very happy is getting messy in this glitter slime baff!

We have previously been sent a great bundle of products from these before and they are so much fun, but as I am quite clean manic at home I didn't want to add it to the bath again and just let them have hours of fun in the garden with it instead, all you need is an old tub or washing up bowl! The one we all do love in the bath though I say we, I'm sat on the toilet haha is the crackle bath! The kids love pouring that into the bath and hearing it crackle, Oscar likes to put his head under water to see if its louder.

This one is that little bit more special too as it has added glitter inside, they are great for adding to tuff trays to make up scenes with figures or toy animals. We had a green and blue one before and we turned it into water and grass and the kids honestly loved it, they could sit out and play together so nicely with their current toys.

Its really affordable and hours of fun to be had with them, I had loads of Insta stories with these and so many parents said how much they were going to get some for their kids, they even have a 'snow' range now, check out their Zimpli website they have so much variety and plenty to choose from. You can get little packets or big ones if your kids would love to bathe in the goo/slime/gelli. It is very easy to remove from the bath you get a special product with it which helps it dissolve easier but my kids are savages in the bath! So outside is just safer in our household.

As the pink glitter we got sent turned red in our green bowl Oscar thought it would be a great idea to turn it into lava! So Lawson got some dinosaurs and they pretended they had to run away before it exploded. Children have such good imaginations, Lawson got his hands right into it considering he's not into getting messy he loves this stuff.

I would highly recommend this as its so much fun, whether it be in the bath/sink or a play tub a perfect rainy day play day to be had or to enjoy in the garden.


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