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Hello lovelies, this year has literally flown by! It comes to the end of every month and I'm thinking what have I actually done?! What products have I been using? What have I been watching etc so I thought I would make it a monthly occurrence on my blog and document what I've been doing every month.

It's October already?! WTAF. It's been one of the hardest years yet and I still have my struggles since loosing my mum in March but I'm trying to keep myself busy. It's the days where I'm not doing anything when I loose it. I feel like I grieved A LOT the first month I lost mum but then I felt like I put on this pretence that I was fine after but really I just put on a brave face for everyone else. A lot of people don't understand until they have lost someone, I had never lost a family member suddenly like that and felt a loss so so hard! We lost my great nan but she had Alzheimer's and she suffered with that for a really long time so when she did die it was almost a relief for her so yeah, I'm just 'coping' at the minute but I don't want to be all doom and gloom on here I share quite a lot on my Instagram where I am very honest and open on there about mental health, talking about loss amongst the happier side to me too.

I got myself a new job in September too! I was over the moon because it's at a high school so I'll be off when my kids are off so its absolutely perfect fitting around the kids in half terms and summer holidays ect. Also means I can start saving for my dream furniture in our extension which is going really really well! I'm thinking of starting to upload some youtube videos of our renovations as it's going on, I LOVE watching those types of videos on youtube.

So, in September I have been...

Reading - I read Into the water by Paula Hawkins, it was a great book which constantly made me change my mind into thinking did she jump or was she pushed?! I can't say too much without giving it away. It wasn't as gripping as her first book I read Girl on the train but it was a really good read. I am now getting into Giovanna and Tom Fletchers joint book Eve of Man, I'm only a couple of chapters in as I can't seem to find the time to relax and read at the minute, I need to start trying! But I'm enjoying it so far. When I don't have time to get stuck into a book though I like to flick through my two favourite magazines obviously the blogosphere and In the moment.

Watching - Ok so I've watched a lot of amazing series recently! Unforgotten and Bodyguard being my favourites, they were amazing, I would definitely recommend giving those a watch. I'm also super late to the party and can confess I had never watched Gossip girl until the middle of September and now I'm addicted and whizzed through series 1 pretty quickly and now have a current obsession with Blake lively. I'm obviously currently watching Bake Off Rahul is my favourite I just want to mother him, he's so sweet. I also watched two great teen chick flicks on Netflix 'Sierra Burgess is a loser' and 'To all the boys I've loved before'. They were both quite nostalgic to watch taking me back to school days, emotional at times but great watches.

Listening - I've been listening to a lot of music to and from work and especially when I am on a mad cleaning frenzy! I love The organised Mums playlist on Spotify and Little Miss Mops, check them both out on Instagram they are amazing if you love a good clean. I have also been enjoying the podcasts Happy place, anything meditating and Vix Meldrew's She did what.

Playing - I've been playing with the kids a lot more recently, I mean I've always played games with the kids and been on adventures but I've made family games night a proper thing now in our house at least once a week! Dan's always busy working at work and on our extension so it's nice to get together at least once a week and have a good family night playing games or going on a family walk etc. Tonight me and Lawson went conker picking, I'm going to get us all to go over the weekend now its the perfect season. I've been playing with Playmobil loads as Oscar got quite a bit for his birthday, Mario on the Wii and my phone Mario run its highly addictive, 5 minute fun kindly sent us some games and activities we've been doing and were always out and about, I think its important to put the technology down and let kids be kids, explore, use their imagination and just enjoy being childish.

Wearing - Make up wise I've been sticking to the same things through out of September,
Foundation - W7 Legend lasting wear foundation in the shade Buff, I've heard this is a dupe for the Estee Lauder one and for £2.99 or £3.99 I'm definitely ok with that. It is very long wearing and you only need a tiny bit, I'm going to stock up with this incase they ever stop doing it!
Concealer - Talking about stock piling I did this with this concealer as they no longer sell it! I was gutted but its the Rimmel Lasting finish concealer in the shade porcelain, I love this for brightening up my under eyes.
Eyebrows - I've really been enjoying the Eyelure trio brow powder set it comes with the brow powder, a highlighting shade and a wax to keep them in place.
Mascara - Another bargain, I've been in love with the mascara from Essence Volume Hero it reminds my of my benefit one for a fraction of the price.
Lips - I've been switching from my Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector and the Baby lips lip balm in Pumpkin spice it smells gorgeous and has a subtle orange to the lips, its gorgeous.
Bronzer - My trusty Revolution Contour palette, I'm nearly all out of my bronzer shades so may need to repurchase.
Blusher - Another trusty favourite the Benefit Hervana one, it has a subtle highlight to it.

Clothes wise mainly leggings and long tops, I seem to have completely let myself go after christmas and loosing mum after all that hard work on being on MTV Beach body SOS I need to get myself back into shape and being healthier because I felt amazing last year mentally and physically its just getting back into the right frame of mind so for now baggy tops/jumpers and my trusty leggings.

Skincare I am going to save for a separate post because I got some gorgeous bits from L'Occitane I'm dying to talk to you about.

I would love to know what you've been up to over September let me know in the comments, I'm also hoping this will start to spur me on to start writing more on my blog! I have missed my little place on the internet.

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  1. I love the idea of a night of family games - that's definitely something I want to do when my son is a little older. I'm really enjoying Bake off and Rahul is my favourite too!


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