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MY 10 GOALS FOR 2019

Hello lovelies, I've had a long break away from blogging but really want to get back into it now! A fresh new year and start. So what better way than to share with you my goals for the new year, no more resolutions because lets face it do we even stick to those? Goals seem more realistic, something to aim for or hopefully smash!

1. Get back to a healthier lifestyle - Last year was a complete write off, I lost my mum and just lost all motivation and faith in myself and pretty much lost myself, mind and body. So I want to get back to eating right, working out more and getting my mental health on top form too.

2. Try Yoga - Albeit a bit like number 1 but Yoga is something I've always wanted to try, more so for the mind but its great for stretching your body and getting me more flexible, because I'm about as flexible as a tree stump.

3. Try to Run - Again very similar to the previous goals but I can't run for sh*& so would like to join a running club and go from there.

4. Blog more - I always put things off and say I don't have time to blog but realistically I do I just need to prioritise my time a bit better.

5. Get some more ME time - Being a parent it can be a bit much at times and I don't know about anyone else but I feel bad when I do things for myself because I'm so used to doing things for everyone else but it can get tiring, sometimes you just need a time out and to work on yourself for a bit. So once a week I'm going to make sure I have some down time to read or give myself a little pamper.

6. Read more - I seen a whole debate today about reading and audio books, does it matter? Either way I'd like to read more!

7. Be more creative - I love arts and crafts and haven't made anything in a while until christmas when I made some handmade gifts but I haven't done my own little project or anything so for christmas I bought myself a glue gun and a wood burning set and some paints so heres to the creative future!

8. Family Scrapbook - I tried to do a family scrapbook last year but neglected it so I'm doing another one and its going really well at the minute, it will be a great way to look back on our memories and all the fun we had throughout the year, focus on the good times.

9. De clutter - I'm already in the swing of things with this goal and thanks to Marie Kondo on the new Netflix series it really spurred me on!

10. Stop buying things I don't need - I am always going into Aldi or Home bargains with the intention of buying 2 things but £30 down and I've bought myself a laminator, more storage boxes and anoter bottle of Zoflora I didn't need to add to the 36 I already have.

What are your goals for 2019?

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