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What you will need -

Pieces of textured/coloured/patterned paper
Little pegs
Paper clips

D.I.Y Tassle Bunting -

Firstly cut your pieces of the paper you have chosen to do your bunting in into squares, maybe around 4x4 depending on how big you want them, then go and cut those into little strips about a mini finger apart leaving a gap at the top of about 1 to 2 cams again depending on what size you would like them.

Next wrap the paper around to make a tassle like shape and secure it in place with some wash tape.

Final steps, cut the string to the size you would like then apply your tassels with some cute pegs.

(I got this idea from the lovely Dorkface blog)

D.I.Y Number bunting - 

I went on Picmonkey and just laid lots of numbers all over the place then printed of two sheets so Oscar could colour some in too.

I then coloured the numbers and cut them out, after I cut them out I glued them to some patterned pieces of paper to jazz it up a little.

I then cut the string to fit and added my numbers on using cute pegs and paper clips.

Maybe this is a cute idea you could do with your children over the half term? Pinterest has lots of ideas.

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