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Hello lovelies, so today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about Lawson's weaning journey and how important the follow on milk is during his weaning journey. 

I was very kindly sent some of HiPPS follow on Combiotic milk* to try and as you can see above Lawson loves it, he only has two bottles of milk now one in the morning and one before bed an occasional one in the day but he's more filled up with food and enjoying exploring all the different tastes and textures along the way. 

It is important to have the follow on milk because whilst you are weaning your baby you may not realise that foods you are giving your baby don't contain enough iron it could even give your baby the risk of iron deficiency and lacking in vitamin D this milk as all those added extras you need including A and C to boost their immune system and PRÆBIOTIK. So the milk really will coplement your babies weaning journey.

You can get there follow on milk here, they also gave us one of there reusable tins with a scoop and scoop leveller.  10/10 mums have been said that moving on to HiPPs follow on milk it has made their babies even happier, don't knock it until you have tried it right? I moved Lawson on to follow on milk when he was about 6 and half months old I never knew if it was a necessity or not but like I said above about iron deficiency and keeping all those vitamins up all that information is from the HiPPs wean team nutritionist and she knows her stuff. 

I started weaning Lawson at around 5 months, he was a very big baby born 10b 11 I knew he wasn't going to wait 6 months even though they advise now around 6 months to wean your baby, you know as a mother when your baby is ready, I originally wanted to try baby led weaning but got scared and started of with the very smooth purees home made or the very hand ones you can get from HiPP along with there jars, so much easier when your on the go or stopping at your friends/family no need to mess about then. Lawson has been loving all the jars, going from puree food to more textured food, his favourite breakfast is banana on toast, but he seems happy with anything edible going in his mouth.

*Milks Disclaimer:
The Department of Health recommends that you breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months of their life; at around six months you can start to wean them on to solids and start to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. HiPP Organic understands that all babies are different and some mums might want to transfer to bottle feeding earlier than others. HiPP Organic would always advise that you speak to your midwife or health visitor before changing your feeding method. For more information on milks, please visit the HiPP Organic Website http://www.hipp.co.uk/milks-important-notice

Have you started your weaning journey with your baby yet? I'd love to know more and if your using a follow on milk let me know in the comments. 

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