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Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you all how I try to cope in the new year for a few months with not buying another lipstick in the new year or another mascara to add to the 29 I already have, I know. I shall be repurchasing my favorite high street foundation when I run out though that's about it. This will not only give me a chance to save money for the new baby and other things around the home but give me a chance to try everything I already have in my collection. Lets be honest being a beauty blogger it's damn hard going on a spending ban, especially when your reading reviews about this amazing primer/lipstick/blusher etc or Selfridges have a sale on or any beauty store, it's an addiction that it really hard to crack, but like all addictions you need the will power which this time I really do have. I have lots of plans to help me save money in the new year from spending ban on beauty products, my food for the week as I wasted far too much this year and a 52 week money saving pot, more details on those posts soon! But today I thought I would share some tips to help me not slip up on the way.

  1. Plan out blog posts, FOTD, Most loved products, Empties, Different make up looks etc.
  2. Stay away from the make up aisle in Boots, Wilko's Superdrug etc.
  3. Skim past emails saying SALE now on.
  4. Keep your card at home.
  5. Don't go to Birmingham unless your meeting friends for lunch.
  6. Think about what the money could go on, holiday, essentials for baby and Oscar or the home.
  7. Stay away from beauty sites.
  8. Step away from the laptop when your feeling run down or sad (always leads to retail therapy)
  9. Set myself new goals every week and praise myself with something else.
  10. Make a list before I leave the house and stick to it, surely I'm not the only one who plans to go out for milk and comes back with 20 other objects? 
  11. Get into another hobby, try baking? 
If any of you have any other tips I'd love for you to share them with me in the comments below and if your planning on doing a spending ban add me on Twitter and we can spur each other along! It's going to be tough lets face it, but we can do this. At the end of the spending ban which I plan to do for four months we can always treat ourselves to a Tom Ford lipstick?! Aha or a holiday...

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