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  • You're forever cleaning up, your house looks like a bomb has hit it even though you just did the biggest spring clean. 
  • You're always apologising for their actions 'oh sorry he didn't nap today he's just tired.' 'He's just hungry, sorry.'
  • Your bag is always loaded with snacks whether its fruit or crisps, anything to shut them up when there having toddler pmt or something to occupy them with.
  • The only social life you have in the week is play groups, unless your not totally boring unlike me aha.
  • You hold on to those precious pictures that they made even though you have no idea what it is supposed to be, a leaf stuck on some paper with a few squiggly lines may look like a load of rubbish to a stranger but to you, your child is the next Picasso!
  • Your Instagram is full of pictures of your child, there just too beautiful not to share with the world, also your phone in general is chocka block full of pictures of your child.
  • You know all the words to Disney Junior/CBeebies programme intros. 
  • You get death stares by those 'perfect' mums at soft play places because your child just felt like pushing their child over, however embarrassing it is there children, there not Satan. 
  • You always have a smile on your face however your mood being exhausted or dealing with tantrums all day, they only have to do the littlest thing to make your day and you just look at them and your eyes fill up with pride and joy.
  • You have a naughty chair or step in your house somewhere.
  • Being a two year old is so hard when you get refused a biscuit for breakfast! 
  • Your house looks like Toys'r'us, there are toys everywhere even if it is just a trace of a toy, luckily he hasn't got any lego yet I heard that stuff is like hot coals on the feet! 

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