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Hello lovelies, hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I've said it before here on my blog about how lucky we are to be situated so close to a beautiful forest! There is nothing we enjoy more as a family than long walks outside and the Cannock Chase is always our first destination choice, just look how gorgeous it is. You can spend time with your family without having to spend spend spend, after all children want more than gifts, they want your time and presence. Oscar adores the Gruffalo and the forestry commission have a Gruffalo trail, we did that, we built wig wams out of big sticks, we visited the fairies and we played on the park there, it was freezing but we wrapped up well and had the best time, Oscar even so lovingly said 'Mummy, I've had the best time'. This just melts my heart and knowing we did all that for free made it even better! We even managed to bag ourselves a free tea at my Nans house after. 

What do you like doing with your kids that doesn't cost a penny? 

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