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Redan Fun to learn First friends £3.99 (monthly)

Hello lovelies so the popular Redan Publishing team who started out in 1991 having made magazines such as 'Friends' 'Ben & Holly's little kingdom' 'My little pony' 'Sparkle world' and more. Recently, I say recently this is their seventh issue but fairly new is their 'First friends' addition, they aim their magazines at pre schoolers ranging from the age of 2 to about 7 years of age this new magazine they have brought out is aimed from the ages of 2 - 4 and I have found this the best magazine for Oscar who is aged 3, I'm obviously biased but I think he's quite clever for his age but the magazines aged 3 - 7 are far to forward so this magazine is just right for him.

He enjoys the stories that are in there, they're usually written from the popular characters on the television, he loves the colouring and obviously the free little toy you get inside. The toys aren't usually the most amazing but it's a nice touch. You always get a sticker sheet and plenty of activities to do throughout the magazine, plenty of learning games and posters you can pull out to keep looking back at and learn more. There are even added extras at the back where you can do little competitions to win and feature in their magazine and on the very back of the magazine you get to see what's in the next months issue and it tells you when its on sale which I love, I used to always pop in my nearest newsagent scanning all the magazines trying to find the one Oscar liked, Oscar loves this one the most also, he enjoys our little hour together putting all the stickers in, reading the little stories and learning new things.

What's also great about this magazine is there is a different topic every week, for example this months topic was 'colours', Oscar picked random things in the house he could find for those colours or if they were too big to go on the page he would go and point to something that was that colour or he would tell me what thing was a certain colour. He even got to share this months toys with his little brother Lawson, he got a key fob with a little toy phone which Lawson was very fond of. Next months topic is 'Playtime' and I think i get as much as excited as Oscar does when the new magazine comes out, maybe I'm just sad but I love stickers and I love teaching Oscar new things and what better way to teach your children whilst having fun at the same time! I didn't actually know that Redan made the Peppa Pig magazine until I did a little research and that was the magazine I picked up all the time before this one came out, I would recommend them both for learning and fun and so reasonably priced! I won't be changing my magazine for Oscar anytime soon.

Do you pick up magazines for your pre schooler? 

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