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Hello lovelies, so on the blog every Saturday (don't shoot me if I miss a week) I thought I would do a save vs splurge post on some of my favourite make up bits or something I find to be similar, maybe not in shade entirely but it could be finish, formula etc or all together. I personally love theses types of posts I know people hate the word 'dupe' so thought this would be a better alternative.

So this weeks Save VS Splurge is -
Lip crayons Nars in Cruella and Maybellines color drama pencil in Fab orange.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella £19.00 - A scarlet red shade that would last a hurricane! I have drank, ate and partied hard through this lip pencil and it never seems to leave me, if you need a wingman lip pencil this is it. It's a cult favourite in the beauty blogging world and I know why, I'd never even go near a red normally but I actually got this pencil in a christmas lip pencil package and was just stuck in my Muji draw for ages, I thought shall I throw it or try it? I obviously tried it and couldn't believe how much it suited me, me and reds just don't get on to put it bluntly I feel like a hooker in red lipstick, anyone else have this problem? No... Well anyway this doesn't its to luxurious, you feel like a lady and it just goes perfectly with a winged eyeliner or a smokey eye your choice. It is enriched in vitamin E and the lip crayon makes it super easy to apply. I could rave about this product for ever but I have another product I need to big up below.

Maybelline color drama lip pencil in Fab Orange £4.99 - For just under £5 I find these so similar to the Nars lip pencils, but Nars have different finishes if you want long lasting then definitely opt for the matte ones but they can be drying but the other formulas they do I would much rather opt for these babies! You will not be disappointed, I really should of chosen my favourite Maybelline lip pencil in nude perfection but I thought today I would pick a similar shade choice instead. Although it says fab orange its more on the red side, perfect for paler skin tones as well as darker complexions. These have a very creamy texture and again a pencil so is so easy to apply to the lips then colour in for how intense you want the shade on your lips, if you get a couple of these they would make it a lot easier to do an ombre lip I think. I find that certain shades in this collection last longer than others nude perfection lasts me a good few hours and my go to lip crayon but if you don't want to spend just under £20 for a lipstick this is a great alternative!

So who wins this round? NARS

Long lasting - Nars
How they feel on the lips - Maybelline
Shade collection - Nars
Price tag - Maybelline

Nars - 5 stars
Maybelline - 4 and a half

Have you tried these products, if so which one would of been your winner?

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  1. I've tried the Maybelline lip pencils before but haven't got round to trying the NARS lip crayons, Cruella does look gorgeous! Thank you for leaving me your link :) xx

    Beth | MissCosmeticBlogger


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