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Hello lovelies, today I thought I would talk to you about a serious topic! We all know how bad it is when its that time of the month but what we do have is nice warm bubble baths, hot water bottles and more importantly clean clothes and sanitary items to change ourselves with when we need them. 

I am so privileged to know this young lady Keely who is beautiful inside out, such a caring down to earth lovely girl, she has gone out of her way to provide these items to those who need it! Do we ever think how do homeless people cope on their period? Previous to this she has been an avid helper for the homeless always providing them with clothes and food but one day she thought " Wow, why haven't any of us ever even thought of this problem? We're giving food and clothes out to women every week, yet it had never crossed my mind how they must be coping with their period. "

Being there for homeless people and seeing them regularly she had mentioned " I realised that a lot of women were having to screw up cloths and tissues from public toilets to use instead, or having to try to make 3 tampons last the length of their whole period. So it wasn't just the emotional impact it was having. Some would end up with infections - it's so dangerous. "

It's such a shame but Keely is doing an amazing job she set up a 'homeless period' Facebook page and just giving page hoping to raise just £200 to help go towards sanitary times but she has already reached over £1,000! With donations of sanitary towels at a local drop off point she relocated. She has been doing this along while studying to be a dentist and being an incredible mummy. She must make her parents, family and friends so proud, I'm proud of her she's an amazing person. Keely has also managed to be featured in Cosmopoliton HERE and on Pretty 52 HERE.

If there is anything you could do to help contact Keely on her The Homeless Period Facebook page HERE. Or be so kind to help donate on her just giving page HERE.

It's amazing what we can all do when we work together as a community and helping each other out, Keely is an inspiration and a great woman to look up to. 

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