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Hello lovelies, I was browsing through the internet today for some online interactive games I could get Oscar involved in, he loves toddling around in my room with his toys whilst I check emails and blog etc, so I thought it would be nice to do something with him on the laptop. I stumbled across this Fisher Price website, it has amazing things on there for children, babies and toddlers not only does it have online games, it has tips and tools, toy recommendations, all of their products and all sorts of activity ideas. I shall list below a couple of the games me and Oscar played, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and this is a great way to learn new things with your little ones. I also love how you can pick the age group suited to your little one on their progress and knowledge, the toddler games were a little too old for Oscar so I went with infant and they had lots of fun learning games. 

Letters Game - A great way to teach your little ones their alphabet, getting them to press any key on your computer/laptop and discovering the letter and an object to go with it, eg A - Apple. Then an alphabet song at the end.

Count with me game - Again like the alphabet game, counting with different objects to obtain that number then a little number song at the end which is now stuck in my head aha.

Animal Fun Game - This was Oscars favorite game, he loves animals and knows a lot of the noises they make but he doesn't say the name of the animals, if he sees a cow whilst were in the car or something he will just shout MOO aha, so I am hoping this game will get him to say the actual animal, but this game is very fun you press any button on your keypad and it shows you an animal, the name of the animal then the noise it makes.

There is also coloring games on there, jigsaws and learning shapes. I think I will have half an hour a day with him on these games now to get them stuck into his head, we have also been drawing shapes, letter and numbers on his chalk board. I think toddlers are the most exciting age to interact with them, they are also so funny, I think Oscar is very intelligent but have no idea where he gets it from aha. If you and your little ones end up playing on this website let me know in the comments below what you thought. 

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