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Weekend Box Club - Theme Chinese New Year £7.50*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a crafty Mummy Monday, me and little man had a fun day yesterday making Chinese artsy crafts things thanks to the Weekend Box, The weekend box is a fortnightly craft activity pack that gets sent straight through your letterbox for you and your little ones to get creative with, the age ranges from 3-6, Oscar is only 2 but I had lots of fun helping him as I love anything artsy and crafty. 

In this fortnightly box we got lots of activity packs to play with for the Chinese New Year theme, we were able to make -

- Fortune cookies
- Paper plate dragons
- A Chinese dragon &
- Chinese lanterns.

I just thought I would share with you one activity we did or it would be a very photo heavy post, we decided to make the Chinese dragon, with my fantastic artistic skills not, I drew a dragons head and tail then cut around it and stuck it onto the red paper and Oscar painted on some blue detailing and the lollipop sticks and had lots of fun running around the house with it shouting rarrr, because that's the noises a dragon makes, ok. 

We didn't need anything extra with this activity pack other than scissors but everyone has those in the house right? What we got in the pack -

Yellow Card
Red Paper
Lollipop sticks
Googly eyes
Blue powder (which makes paint)
A paint brush
Sticky paper

How to -

- You start by folding the yellow card in half, cutting it then drawing a dragons head and tail on the different bits of card. Cut around the card and save those pieces for later.

- Get the red paper, fold it into three parts, cut those out then fold them in 2cm chunks back on forth from each other until you get to the end of the paper then glue all the bits together. Then glue the head and tail on either side.

- Get the blue powder, put a few drops of water into the bag then mix together to make paint, paint the dragon to your liking, or let your child do this bit, Oscar had lots of fun.

-Then lastly stick on the googly eyes and lollipop sticks and have fun with your masterpiece.

I think the weekend boxes are a great idea for getting your child's creativity levels up and doing things together, for all the family. You obviously don't have to do it on a weekend if your more available to do it in the week etc, but for us as a family the weekends are the only time we get together really, so it was lovely this Sunday to get all crafty together and unleash our inner artists. I probably should of got Dan to draw the actual dragon, he is much better at drawing than I am, to think I got a B once in art... 

You always get a new theme though with the Weekend box and I look forward to what the next box will be, £7.50 is such a great price too but if you would like to try this out with your little ones I have a code for you to get one free box! 

Here is your promo code : PAIGE42 Just type that into their website HERE.

If you do get a free box I would love to see your posts on it or tweet/Instagram me and the Weekend Box club.

Weekend Box Instagram. 

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