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Boots Sales I Whipped up.

Hello lovelies, have any of you took advantage of the Boots sales yet? 1/2 price on all gifts from the Christmas lot, I picked up a few.

Firstly apologies for the appalling pictures, I searched forever online for these gift sets because un-blogger like of me I just couldn't wait to photograph my own products I ripped all the boxes open and couldn't wait to try things out and as Boots no longer keep things online which they have sold out it took me a while to find pictures of the products, sorry! Here is what I picked up any how.

Soap & Glory - Washful Thinking ; A beautifying duo for dry hands which you get a hand wash and hand cream. Although I own several hand creams around the house of hand food I LOVE the smell of the hand wash and as it went from £10 to £5 I couldn't resist picking this up. 

Soap & Glory - Face time ;  The box lured me in it just looked really pretty. I love Soap & Glory skincare so was keen to try this out! I am already loving the lip balm you get inside amongst some 3-in-1 daily purifying wipes, anti puffiness eye cream and a spf bb cream! I shall be testing these out and reviewing them all for you. A steal from £25 to £12.50!

Dove - Complete Pampering Gift Set ; I buy this my mum every year without fail for Christmas she loves Dove. It smells divine and does leave your skin feeling so soft and nourished. At £15 I never usually buy myself this but I do like to pick one up in the sale! £7.50 is a bargain for all the bath time goodies you get inside. I have been loving the body lotion inside at the moment so luxurious feeling for so cheap.

No7 - Fingers and Toes Gift Set ;  In case you don't already know me, I am a massive nail polish junkie, I think I have nail varnish problems! But I just can't resist them or a bargain. I also loved the hand saviour you get inside as I tried it out once from a friend of mine and its an exfoliator for your hands which makes them feel amazingly soft and you get a foot balm in to which now my feet are feeling pretty damn pampered right now. A great set to get honestly especially from £20 to £10!

No7 - Skincare treats Gift Set ; I got myself this last year in the sale. I love No7 hot cloth cleanser makes my skin feel lovely and soft amongst a day and night cream, head band a muslin cloth there muslin cloths are great too to get at all the grime of your face gently. 

I have loved my sales from Boots and my lovely Boyfriend actually treated me to all this in two different go's, I was going in to spend my Boots points but he wouldn't have any of it, lucky me! Now I have £30.50 on my boots card to treat myself with any time. As I'm on a spending ban soon this will be good if I flake at some point or is that cheating?! Say no...

Did you pick up anything out the Boots Sales? If so link below! 


  1. Amazing! Love the No7 sets. No your Boots points are free money, you can totally spend those ;) x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I'm hoping Boots might still have a few little gems left in the sale when I get into town tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath as I expect all the good stuff has long gone :(

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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