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Decembers Glossy Box.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you Decembers Glossy Box full of 'festive treasures'.

I love the Christmassy December box, My type of Christmas tree! Gorgeously wrapped in adorable candy cane tissue paper with green shreds. So Christmassy and pretty. Now what was inside?

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude Lip Gloss

A 4ml cute little lipgloss very handy to squeeze in your over bulging make up bag or the little pocket in your handbag that is useful for nothing, but now this. It is a gorgeous shade, the perfect nude for an everyday flush of colour with a hint of peach. It doesn't say the shade on the tube just 'beautiful lips' An 8ml tube of this will set you back at £12. I would say that is fairly reasonable as it isn't a sticky lip gloss that gets tacky and also rich in jojoba nourishing for your lips. I am loving this already.

Maybelline New York - Volume Express Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara 

I have used a Colossal Mascara from Maybelline before and loved it so I'm sure I will love this one also. It plumps your lashes for a smokin hot look, ideal for your Christmas party to flutter away at the gorgeous single men... If your single too obviously. Or women. Nice thich brush with little bristles, I don't find this to be clumpy at all and makes them quite thick and dark. Used to be a favorite of mine a couple of years ago. Looking forward to trying out there newest version of it. If you want to pick one up they will be around boots and superdrug for £7.99.

Seche - Nail Lacquer in Irresistble 

This shade is just gorgeous and fab for Christmas, I am actually waiting for this to dry on my nails as I'm typing away. It is a beautiful deep cherry red. This does dry quite quickly and leaves a satin finish, smooth and ready. You only need one coat for maximum coverage but go over once more if you wish. Seche nail polishes usually last a good few days too. I really do love this shade and they are £9.95.

Yin Yang Skincare - Rich Skin Food

I love trying out new skin care products to see if they agree with my skin and most importantly to see if they do anything brilliant to my skin. This is an organic skin care moisturiser which claims to nourish and repair fine lines and sensative skin. I will try this out over the next few days and let you know my thoughts on it. 
Luckily I had this as a saved post I had an email today of Glossy Box saying these could be out of date! Not good at all, so won't be testing them out. 

Wilkinsons Sword Intuition - Naturals Razor

I saved the strangest to last, A razor? Hmm. Very different but I'm not knocking it, actually pretty pleased as I needed a new one. It looks groovy and even has a little suction cup for you to rest it in the shower. Great for me to stick up high out the way of little man. I would say this is perfect for weekends away etc too as you don't need soap/shaving gel or body wash with it so if you have forgotten any of those items you can still shave your legs last minute. This is going to sound so gross but in the winter I tend not to bother with my legs that much, extra warmth right? Some of you are thinking woah gross she has hairy gorilla legs but the other people reading this are like hell yeah that's me too! The only thing I actually miss about being single is I could let my legs get hairy and not have to worry about it as I weren't getting my pearly whites out in the cold winter months. But being in a relationship does mean from time to time you do need to make the effort so thanks Glossy box for the new razor it shall be tried and tested. Another fact is that it has 100% natural Aloe and Vitamin E inside the shield containing the razor blades that lathers up to shave and moisturise in one easy step and they cost £6.49 not bad!

I have been pretty happy with my Glossy Box this year, well I stuck it out just over a year this time with out cancelling and they even sent me a lovely email saying Thank you for that and they would put in a chocolate for me in the next box, well Glossy Box not impressed I had no free chocolate? Could have done with it the week I had last week too and past couple of days but hey ho. Diet starts in January... 

Did you receive anything different in your glossy box? Leave me links below.


  1. We got similar boxes and I was very pleased with mine too! The last few have been a bit average so pleased to see a great one this month x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I use both the mascara & shaver - both great :) the shaver is a bit strange 'gift' however it is the only shaver I will use as I have super sensitive skin and only thing that doesn't hurt my skin! :) Mascara helps me get super neat eyelashes too as I am very particular with not having gaps!! xo


  3. The razor is SO random isn't it?! I think this month's box looks like a good one but it's not very festive is it? :/ love the packaging though! xxx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Love the lipgloss and like the sound of the razer! 100% natural Aloe and Vitamin E inside, pretty cool :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  5. I think the box itself is very pretty! But sending something that's out of date is very disappointing. The rest seems pretty good though! :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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