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Lush - Buffy Body Butter £10.95*

After receiving this in a Lush goody bag from a previous blog meet up me and Jess organised this hasn't been put down since! I know I'm a beauty blogger and supposed to love having amazing skin, face and body wise but I am pretty darn lazy when it comes down to the nitty gritty bits like exfoliating and moisturising, I mean who has that much time to do it every day? Not me that's fo'sho! But with Buffy it does both at the same time, it exfoliates all your body with the ground almonds inside and it will then soothe and soften with the cocoa butter, it will also calm and revitalise your skin with lavender and lemon oil. 

It hasn't got a very strong scent to it, it isn't a normal Lush scent you will have come in to contact with but it is light but I can't tell you how amazing this product is, as Claire who works in Lush demonstrated on my arm what it does I thought it was fantastic and so grateful I got one in our goody bags, now my fella is pinching it too! He actually gets me to rub all his legs and back down in the bath, tmi? But guess what, I don't get the same treatment, never mind I love having a good scrub whether it be in the bath or shower getting rid of those nasty dead skin cells and refreshing the skins surfaces. I always feel so good after I have used it, clean and unbelievably soft and no having to moisturise afterwards, so I can slip into my favorite Pj's and jobs a gooden.

To make the bar last a little longer I try not to use it whilst standing right under the warm shower as I find it dissolves quicker and I also don't just rub my entire body with the bar I scrub a load on and then use my hands preferably with some exfoliating gloves to rub in the excess as it lathers up quite well when you wet your hand also so just saves a bit on the product, I will be sad when I run out but this will definitely be on my repurchase list forever I am sure. I would definitely get one of the team to test it out on your arms when your next near a store and feel the difference from one arm to the other, you won't believe it! It leaves like an oily residue but dries instantly soaking straight into the skin and leaves you feeling like you have just slayed those nasties away and softer than silk, what's also the best feeling ever when you shave your legs, use buffy all over so there softer then ever before, getting into those pajamas and fresh bed sheets! You honestly won't regret it if you buy this, I honestly can't even think of a bad word to say about it. 

Have you tried this body butter or what is your favorite body butter/exfoliator? 

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