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Kris - Fashion Journalism Student, Blogger, Youtuber & Professional unicorn rider.

Hello lovelies, another installment of my favorite blog of the week, I have loved Kris's blog for a while now but fell in love again with it recently. Her layout and pictures are so clean and professional looking which makes it very easy on the eye and her content is fabulous. She makes me look forward to things such as the the Topshop beauty collection coming soon featured here. I love how she puts in pro's and cons so great if you had a product in mind and find some little facts about them and see if there worth purchasing yourself. As well as beauty she has some great lifestyle and fashion posts and even fitness thrown into the mix too! Starting with her Fitness Fridays which is great if you need some motivation like myself. She could be a model with her amazing figure and fashion knowledge, in some of her lifestyle posts she even includes little restaurant reviews which is great if it is a well known branch or if you live in the same city, me and my partner are always on the look out for great restaurants. I think Kris deserves way more followers, she blogs so well so effortlessly she makes it look so easy, I love a night time read catching up on her most recent posts whilst I'm drinking my tea and loving her Youtube video's too go check them out! 

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  1. Awwww this made me smile! I'm far from model material haha
    I really need to start re-doing my Fitness Friday posts :)
    (I'm working on one right now actually)
    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! You're very sweet!
    It's also very nice of you to dedicate a whole post to someone else, it shows what a genuine and supportive person you are! More people should be like you :) You really inspired me!
    YOUR blog is gorgeous! Will definitely bookmark it and stalk you ;) haha
    Thank you again! xo

    1. You really should do more fitness friday for real! haha

    2. Ahh thank you! You're very welcome, you deserved your own spot on my blog :)
      I just think it's nice to share the blogger love now and again, I love finding new blogs
      and sharing with everyone my favorite reads. Please do more I need some motivation so bad aha! You're so welcome, thanks for commenting xxx

  2. Aeeee! I love this chick! Just saw the RT on her twitter and had to come here :)
    What a lovely post!
    Her beauty reviews are awesome!

  3. This is so lovely hun i am off to check her out shes beautiful xx


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