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Sally Says Beauty
' 21 year old student living in London. Compulsive makeup hoarder with more nail polishes than anyone could ever need. I drink too much tea, and probably too much wine as well. '

Hello lovelies, I have decided from now on every Friday I will be sharing the love and showing you my favorite blog of the week, I actually found Sally's blog through following someone else through bloglovin and completely fell in love with it straight away. Her layout is clean, perfect pictures and she goes into a lot of detail about each post and really let's you know about a product or what she's been getting up to lately. After clicking on her 'older posts' I discovered she also does 'whats on my nails Wednesdays' so obvs a nail varnish fan like myself and didn't even realise she had noticed it on my blog, thanks Sal your most recent one is gorgeous, I know need Nails Inc - Kensington Palace Gardens in my life. I clicked the follow button just skimming through three of her most current posts, I did wonder why Sally hadn't posted in a while but shes been away so now I know she's back soon I'm looking forward to another new post and already a firm favorite.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post gorgeous! It's made my week, so sweet of you. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites!
    Lots of love, Sal xx


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