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Hello lovelies, I was very luckily gifted a free ticket by Chloe from Unwritten Hollywood to this years first ever wireless festival in Birmingham. I was over the moon when she said she had a free ticket spare but also a bit anxious as I had never met her in the flesh before and truth be told a bit cheeky to get a free ticket of someone I had never met, but that's just me. I did offer to give Chloe some money but she said no, she was luckily gifted free tickets herself though so it's all good. I made my way to wireless with Hayley (Strangeness&Charm) who I had fortunately already met up with previously and we met up with her friend Jess who isn't a blogger just a friend of Hayley's. I was really excited to be going to Birmingham's first ever wireless event and couldn't wait to see Pharrell, Jess Glynne and Foxes perform after seeing the line up. Sadly missed Jess Glynne perform but got to see Foxes who was amazing, she sounds exactly the same live as she does on the T.V, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah and Kanye West. Pharel and Tinie Tempah had great stage presence, really engaging with the crowd and getting everyone involved. Pharrell actually made me go a bit goosepimply and emotional near the end of his performance, I loved how he picked random people to go on the stage with him, pretty gutted we wasn't more closer to the stage I could of had a selfie with him! But what was even more lovely was that he chose this girl to come up on stage with him alone who you could tell was a massive fan of his, she was singing along to one of his songs and they had a few hugs and she got very emotional and I just felt the love up there, it was really lovely to see and so touching. Kanye West was also great but was wearing this really freaky mask, he did his usual ranting/speech which bored everyone to tears, we just wanted to hear him sing, I am not the biggest fan of his new stuff to be honest but he sang some old classics so that was great to dance along too! Over all I did have a lovely day but I think next year they should have more of a mixture with the artists/bands, just putting my opinion out there. I would like to say a massive thank you to Chloe for giving me the ticket and Hayley for making me smile with her drunk belly dancing (that she can't even remember) and for all the artists for doing an amazing job. I was glad to be apart of it all and most probably would do it again as it's great to have a festival pretty much on your doorstep. We didn't do too bad at all with the weather either on the Sunday just to be safe I wore leggings incase I had a fake tan mishap or something and boots in case it was really wet and muddy and I wore a beautiful dress from my local shop called smug, a place that sells designer dresses for cheap and it wouldn't be a festival without a rose head piece right?

Have you been to any festivals yet or going to one soon?


  1. This looks amazing babe and you look stunning glad you enjoyed yourself xxx

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time! I really want to go to wireless next year! xx

  3. I was meant to go to Wireless this year but sold my ticket as the line up wasn't my sort of thing. I would rather go somewhere like V Fest or Creamfields I think. But sounds like you had an amazing day :)) xx



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