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'A 24 year old beauty fiend- mainly looking for a concealer that will cover up the under eye luggage I've got going on. '

Well, what can I say about Kal and her blog? Firstly you wouldn't believe me until you see for yourself that she has only been blogging since December! Not even a year and she has grown so much in such a short space, I remember when she came on the blogging scene and I thought wow her blogging game is strong, her pictures are always on top form and her content is gorgeous to go with it. She is good at describing objects/products and making you want to go out and buy it that day. Most useful one I have loved is the products for dry and frizzy hair as I can relate to it being a constant hair dyer - blog post here. She also has a great dupe post here. Her blog is very clean and easy to read with a bit of colour which I love in a blog, I know monochrome is what a lot of people go for but I like a bit of colour injected in for personality and good measure. I think you will all instantly hit the follow button once you go over to Kal's blog, she is equally as nice on twitter we have banter (you bully) and she is very helpful and sweet. I said she would be on here whether she thought I was being serious or not here's your five minutes of fame babes aha! Lots of love sweetie xxx

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  1. I love Kal's blog so much! I 100% agree with what you've said :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. I am off to have a look hun xxx


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