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What's On My Nails Wednesday #12

Models Own - Fluro Orange £5

Hello lovelies, didn't I promise you a neon shade next? This is not for the faint-hearted an all out there bright fluorescent orange. Everybody I have come across has said it is lovely though and asked where its from, I love brights in the Summer especially neon shades, I never thought I could pull of a bright orange but I am loving this nail polish, it actually suits my pale complexion I think, but would look even more stunning on a tanned skin person I think, if only I was lucky enough to tan, looks like I best get the fake stuff back out. What are your favorite bright nail polishes?

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  1. Oh my goddd! I want this so bad now - I should be saving for Ibiza, but then again this would look great on the beach ;)



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