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Pulling the wool over your eyes.

Mac - Hue & Make-Up Revolution* - The One

To tell you the truth I googled another word for dupe and a list of things came up and pulling the wool over someones eyes was my favorite aha! So I hope to pull the wool over your eyes, If I can, I wonder if any of you beauty bloggers out there can tell which is which on the lip swatch above? Please mind my whispers there all gone now, cringe! How can we not tell these till we crop and the zoom mode comes on pic monkey? Yeah I'm so bad at beauty blogging to not re-do the whole thing but I am a mum and a house wife pretty much with two jobs, ain't nobody got time for dat! Anyway back to the 'dupe' post. I have had Mac Hue for a while in my lipstick collection and always loved it, you can't beat a good nude lipstick can you? A glaze finish which leaves my lips looking glossy, sheer but is very buildable to a pigmented bold colour. This unlike many nudes doesn't make you look like the walking dead and compliments pale skin if anything, with its hint of pink it is such a pretty nude that I think everyone needs in there collection, they last around 3 hours though which isn't brilliant for a £15 lipstick but it is gorgeous and of-course the vanilla scent is always appealing to me, but I'm a sucker for scents. If you do like Mac's Hue though I have an un-canny resemblance for just ONE POUND! Make-up Revolution have a lipstick in the shade The One which I think is the exact same, if you can see already by the lip swatch picture? If you hadn't already guessed Mac is on the top lip and Make-up Revolution is on the lower lip, I actually found Make-up Revolutions lipstick far more pigmented, not at all drying and lasts just that little bit longer so you would be mad not to pick this up for a measly pound if your a fan of nudes and it also has a very similar scent to the Mac lipstick. I was very lucky to receive a little collection of Make-up revolutions lipsticks when they was new on the scene and was very excited about them and fell in love with them straight away, a lot of people think there just a copied version of MUA but I think they have far better quality products but that is purely just my personal opinion. I actually did a battle of lipsticks mentioning MUA against Make-up Revolution here. Even if you do own Mac's Hue I would highly recommend you picking up The One, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and lasting power of a cheap but very cheerful lipstick.

What are your thoughts?  I would also love to hear your fave dupes below in the comments.


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