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Birmingham Summer Blogger Meet Up 2014

Hello lovelies! 1st June finally came around Sunday, it felt like I was waiting for Christmas but now its all over, I was so lucky to do a meet up with my best friend Jess, we were both so anxious and nervous about meeting everyone and fitting everything into the place but it was all worth it 100%. I am so glad I asked Jess to do this with me so I could meet all the lovely girls I speak to a lot over Twitter, it was amazing to put names to faces finally! Me Jess and our friend Tal caught the train to Birmingham in hand with two suitcases full of goodies for our bloggers, we luckily got some help from our friend Tal who helped us find our venue, we were so clueless but she got her google maps out, thank god for technology ay.

Once we finally found our venue 'Ming Moon' we quickly set up all the goodie bags for everyone before we had to meet them all at the Bull right by the Bull ring.

We walked to the Bull to find a lot of bloggers waiting for our arrival, I was so overwhelmed because when you are a worrier and anxious you do think will anyone turn up but they did thankfully! We rounded up the troop and made our way back to Ming Moon, once we got there Kirsty Lo (Take me out star, model, presenter, motives representative) was waiting for us looking absolutely stunning if I may add, pins up to her armpits in some sparkly shoes which I was lusting over, she shook all our hands and we made our way to the VIP sweet Ming Moon very kindly offered us. We all sat around this table and got a talk about the top 10 motives products, Kirsty was brilliant she really grabbed my attention and gave me more knowledge about Motives as a whole, I now want a few products my self, she did an amazing job. Then before we tucked into some amazing food, it was so scrummy I thought for a great ice breaker I would get everyone to pull a silly face to win a prize from a spare goody bag...

They are going to kill me aha! But from top left to bottom right -

Amy, Sarah, Rach, Hayley, Sophie, Sarah, Sam, Kirsty, Kirsty, Vanessa, Clare & Amie 

Tal was the judge to make it fair and she said it has to be Hayley! I think you're all still beautiful aha, life's too short to be serious! After some seriously cray cray selfies and filling our guts we all had a lovely picture taken together and did some serious damage in Selfrides!

I purchased some Mac bits and my first ever Kiehls product, a few bits from Superdrug, something for Oscar in the Disney shop and some Lush bits but I will do a separate post of my haul. After we was all shopped out we made our way to a Lush lock in at 5pm.

The Lush gang greeted us all with bucks fizz and strawberries, alcohol and lush what more does a girl want in life aha? They were more than friendly, bubbly and helpful, they took us a tour around the shop and focused on certain places in the shop to explain to us a bit more about certain products we were unsure about, I mean I am a pro when it comes to bath bombs and melts but I'm quite new to everything else only trying bits thanks to a Lush legends gift a year back. Me and some of the girls started at the emotional brilliance stand where Claire talked to us all how it worked, what products where what and Aimee volunteered for her free therapy session as Claire said aha, everything she chose was completely correct, definitely strong and powerful, Aimee is such a beautiful person inside and out I am so glad we met each other, I feel I have made a friend for life there a long with a few other of the girls who I had a good chat with. I now also have my eye on a few lipsticks because there so versatile you can use the products for all over your face.

I then got a lovely arm scrub/massage of Claire of a product I had never tried 'You Snap The Whip' an exfoliating body butter, which I instantly bought afterwards as it had my favorite scent from the Comfortor bubble bar and made my arm feel so smooth AND I am such a lazy moisturiser body wise and this has everything you need in one, it exfoliates and moisturises. 

I then just took a wonder around the shop and picked up some products in my basket and took a few pictures, Lush seriously is one of my favorite shops and I just want one of everything every time I go in there, if only money grew on trees.

It was then sadly time to go home after a few cheeky purchases and hugging everyone good bye also Lush gave us an amazing goody bag full of three full sized samples, then me Jess and Tal made our way to the train station after making a quick stop at McDonalds, we were all a bit peckish, we munched on the train and told each other what we got, I am so sad it's all over and want to meet them all again already. They are all the loveliest bunch of girls you could meet, I am so lucky if it wasn't for blogging I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet these gorgeous people and find people who love the same things I do, it's so nice to feel like you finally fit in somewhere growing up not feeling like you do fit in anywhere. I really hope we all still keep in touch and I have met friends for life with you lovely lot. 

What was in the goody bags I hear you say?

Jess did an amazing job of rounding up PR companies getting all these goodies for us, I had no hope at all, no one wanted to share with me aha, I was just fortunate enough to get us the Lush event thank fully! But we were very kindly gifted all this from these lovely companies -

MetcalfesMacadamia Oil,Beauty UKBenefitMememeNiveaELFFruitbrooGosh and The Body Shop. Thank you so much.

And a huge thanks to all the beautiful bloggers who came to our event, I really hope you all had a lovely day I know I did, the best part was meeting you all and ok a bit of shopping also, you enablers you! I think me and Jess did a good job for our first time and I already want to do another one, I'm thinking a Winter wonderland in Birmingham next ladies?


  1. Sounds like a great day! You and Jess did a great job! Jealous of your goody bags

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, gutted it was while I am away so I couldn't go! Winter wonderland meet up sounds great though xx

  3. Oh gosh I knew those selfie pictures would make it on here somewhere!!!
    I had a fantastic day and I'm sure everyone else did too, thank you both very much :)
    Amy xx

  4. Can you send me my selfie so I can use it on my OKCupid and Plenty Of Fish profiles?

  5. What a lovely day! I 100% want to come if you do another one :)!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  6. Was reminiscing about this the other day. Cannot believe that this was nearly 6 years ago already!!!

    Jess / Jess Marie Hunter


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