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Mummy Monday | Family time at Wolsley Garden

Hello lovelies, last Monday Dan had a whole week of so we had a lot of family time, we enjoyed a nice little walk around Wolsley gardens and had a little picnic really enjoying the beautiful views. It is a 2 minute car ride from where we live so we could walk it too, but Dan's pretty lazy when it comes to walking aha. We had such a lovely day with no phones, laptops etc apart from me taking the pictures on my phone of-course but you know what I mean. Sometimes it's just nice to step away from technology and appreciate the out doors with the people you love, I think our generation is being taken over by technology and were dismissing the beautiful outdoors, just leave your phone at home one day and do something out of the ordinary, you will be surprised and probably enjoy yourself more, I am terrible for being stuck to my phone and not going a day without checking my twitter feed but at least once a week I am going exploring in the outside world and making the most of it all with the two favorite men in my life. Hope you liked my picture heavy post and I'd love to know the places you love visiting as we are up for trying somewhere new!

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