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11 Super powers I think we wish we all had...


1. We just rubbed all over our hairy bits and the hairs would disappear instantly, no stubble rash, take that as you like.

2. An instant fresh make-up removal, you know for those days where quite frankly you just can't be arsed to cleanse, tone, moisturise and all that malarkey, I know, I am a beauty blogger and should be ashamed of writing such nonsense, but we have all been there right!

3. Invisibility, whether you use it just to perv on your favorite celebs or even someone you know in your town etc or you have completely embarrassed yourself in front of someone and just want to be gone in a flash.

4. Human tracking, forget the iPhone tracker what about when your out of your mind looking for someone, this would not only be good for my selfish reasons of just trying to find my useless boyfriend when hes been drinking and seems to forget where he lives but for people who have genuinely gone missing! Or to avoid ex's/bad dates, if you know where they are you can avoid bumping into them right?

5. Laser fingertips? You've been locked out the house AGAIN. No worries just burn the lock, bravo!

6. Mind reading, this would just be great in all situations.

7. Multiplicity, You know them days where you've completely forgot and double booked yourself, wouldn't it just be great if there was two of us and we could still do everything?

8. The Mary Poppins, You just click your fingers and all the chores are done, even homework/ files etc, if only!

9. We could change sex's for a week and see how they really live/think? What an eye opener that would be right, PLUS the men have to have us on time of the month aha, interesting!

10. Night vision, how many times have you stubbed your toe getting into bed or quickly running to the toilet in the middle of the night? This would solve everything.

11. Healing powers, the most important one. Imagine being to heal the sickest of people with just your power to rid cancer, help people with dementia or just a small cut/bruise. I would love more than anything to be able to heal.

If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

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