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DIY Face Mask for Combination Skin.

Hello lovelies, the final face mask of my little face mask series, I finally made one for my own skin type - combination. I absolutely hate bananas but this one did make my skin feel the best out of all of them, I have enjoyed trialing them all out and they all left my skin feeling soft and a bit cleaner, so I would recommend trying out your own face masks as there full of natural ingredients so they wont harm your skin at all, unless your allergic of-course to certain products inside, hopefully your not to any of these for combination skin types like myself I hope you enjoy this and it helps you in some way.

Ingredients -
A banana
1 egg
1 tsp honey
1 tsp full fat milk 

Directions -
First of all put your milk in a pan and boil it, once it has boiled leave it too cool and take a spoonful of the skin that has formed, keep this until you need it in a minute.
Mash your banana in a bowl or on a plate demonstrated above.
Then add the egg, the honey and that spoon of milk skin and mix them all up together.
Spread the mixture all over your face, I realised I used the wrong spoon measurements so mine was a bit runny but I used an old foundation brush to spread it all over my face.
Once ten minutes are up I wash it of with warm water and continue with my skin care routine.

Benefits -
Bananas can keep the firmness of your skin, increase your blood circulation and stimulate the production of collagen, so although I hate bananas I will smother my forehead in them! 
Milk has been used in the beauty world since the ancient times, they actually used to use warm donkey milk, odd. It is nourishing for your skin and also moisturising great for the dry areas on our combination complexions. Honey of-course is known for its anti-bacterial properties and will sort out all the blemish areas we have and excess oil areas. 

If you have tried any of my masks I would love to know how you got on with them or tweet me a face mask selfie! @Paigewallbank 

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  1. This sounds really good actually! It's surprising what you can do with the ingredients in your kitchen haha :) the honey part sounds good to me to get rid of pesky blemishes. xx



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