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Busy Bee Candles - Magik Beanz

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a non beauty post again, I thought I would mix things up a little and bring you more beauty posts next week. If you wasn't aware I am a massive fan of candles and wax burners anything to make the room smell lovely I'm on it, I even have a cupboard full of air fresheners, yeah it's that bad (not the smell just my addiction). I am usually a Yankee addict but I have been loving Magik Beanz recently from Busy bee candles and only tried out these which is basically a wax burner, now I have tried these I really want to try there candle range. I recently did an order as there was 25% off I think they always have great offers on and they kindly gave me a couple extra as I only ordered Bakewell Slice, Cola Cubes, Blackberry Fizz and Lemon Drizzle then got Turkish Delight*, Peppermint kisses* and Banana Bonkers* for free! I would describe them all to you but they smell exactly what they are on the tub. It will obviously help at first if you already own a oil burner if your wanting to try out these magic beanz, which I do...

But don't worry if you don't they sell them too, you then place the magic beanz on top and wait for them to melt, they instantly make the room smell amazing and I am currently burning Cola Cubes, oh my god they smell yummy my living room literally smells of a sweet shop filled with cola cubes its amazing but not great for the healthy eating lifestyle as now I am craving a packet aha. I would say they give out a lot more scent than an average candle which is why I prefer wax tarts/magik beanz, there ever so cheap too! The Magik beanz are only £1.75 for a tub and once you have burnt them and they cool down you can re-use them and they burn for several hours. 

" Welcome to Busy Bee Candles,
Producers of a range of amazing scented candles, handmade in the UK just for you.
All Busy Bee Candles are handmade using soy wax and the very finest fragrances available, to ensure we supply only the highest quality handmade scented candles.
Our range of scented handmade candles really do smell as they should and all have amazingly long burn times with a scent throw that’s the envy of the industry. "
There products are not full of nasties that will harm you which is good to know, they don't make you choke etc like some can, there absolutley beautiful and I can't wait to get through my little selection and buy some candles from them. I also love how they arrange there website, they have the scent intensity if you like subtle, medium or strong scents they also give you seasonal scents and they sell all sorts on there website including Magik beanz, candles, Bath & Body products, Air fresheners, Linen sprays and all sorts and in a range of different scents, you will be flabbergasted with the selection they have, a scent for absolutley anyone! Its affordable and all made here in the UK from a Husband and Wife Haith and Dee who I believe are from Wales who put there heart and soul into making the best handmade produts using only the very best waxes, scents and wicks, a new favorite of mine already you really must try them out if your a candle addict like me you will adore these.


  1. I wondered how these worked! Now I know :')! Really want to try them now!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. The Bakewell Slice scented one sounds amazing Paige!

    Laura x

  3. I've just ordered some of these! I had previously been using the little hotties by bomb cosmetics. x
    Steph | stephaniejayne-xo.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Excellent, its fine since you are going to find out more, Whenever i collect to that special will likely be a site. woodwick candles


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