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( He was annoyed because I ran out of pennies for the fairies) like really

1. Breathe.

2. Remain calm.

3. Get to their level and ask why they are causing up a storm.

4. Explain to them why they can't have the thing they want or why they are causing distress at that moment and there is no need to behave the way they are behaving.

5. Give them one more chance to behave properly.

6. Let them sit and think about their actions until they are willing to speak to you reasonably. (I use the naughty step)

7. If they have been wilfully disobedient then try and discipline as soon as possible.

8. Remind them the proper way to behave in certain situations. (running up and down busy shopping aisles isn't appropriate/ grabbing lots of things of shelves aren't either)

9. Try not to raise your voice and speak as calm as you can.

10. Be consistent with the method you use, naughty step works well for me or telling him can't sleep at his Nanny Jaynes because she's his favourite.

11. Ignore them! I obviously keep my eye on him wherever I am but I don't let him know this, I walk away it works all the time, he comes running behind saying sorry.

12. Make sure by the end of the process they understand why they have been told of and try not to do it again.

If all else fails when they're finally in bed pour yourself a huge glass of wine and a hot bubble bath!

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