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Make Up Revolution Pro Hygiene sanitising solid brush cleaner £5.00*

Oh. My. Gosh. This. Is. Ahhhhmazing, I'm not even exaggerating, where have you been all my life slid brush cleaner? You make my life and make up brushes life complete. Legit the best think I have been given from Make up Revolution I think, besides their amazing make up pieces this is just, a dream. I cleaned my brushes the other night thinking, yeah it will be ok but I can't see it being anything special or giving my brushes a deep clean, I was wrong boy I was wrong. 

Lets just start by saying five pounds! Wow bargain already and this will last you quite a while, it took me ten whole minutes to clean a huge handful of brushes the other day when it usually takes me half an hour maybe even longer doing my baby shampoo trick, I will no longer be pinching the boys shampoo I have this now. You know when people say what would you take on a dessert island, yeah I'd take this with my make up definitely, it cleaned my brushes amazingly, I really didn't think those white bristles were going to keep white after I caked them in foundation but just look at them!

All you have to do is dampen your brush then swirl it around a little in the solid brush cleaner until a foam forms then carry on swirling the gunk,goo,crap out onto your hand until it's clean then run under water again and squeeze out any excess water, easy peasy. 

It is in a super handy little pot that doesn't leek and very compact which means its amazing to take away with you on holidays, short breaks or to a friends house and no leeks anywhere. I wish this had come out sooner I am so in love with this, this will be in my favourites every month, I now no longer hate washing my brushes, I even put my make up on yesterday and couldn't wait to clean them straight after because I knew it wouldn't take me long at all. 

Make Up revolution just seem to be growing rapidly and bringing out even better beauty bits for us all to enjoy, I am so privileged to be working with them and sharing my love for them on my blog, I have converted so many of my friends on to make up revolution and they just can't believe how good the quality is for the small price tags, I will forever re-purchase this baby its the dogs bol... 

Do you have a favourite make up brush cleaner or tried this one yet?


  1. I absolutely have to pick this up. I currently use a bar of soap, but this sounds great!
    Laura x

    1. It really is amazing lovely, you won't regret it!! xx

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