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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a post about introducing lumps to your baby with some expert advice, don't worry I know introducing lumps to your babies diet is scary, it was scary for me even though I've already had a baby before! It is important though to acknowledge babies needs and developing is a key element of feeding and introducing lumps and more advanced flavours. Lawson is nearly one in a week actually, everything seems to be going far too quickly.

Lawson has enjoyed all the jars/pouches and dishes from HiPP especially the pasta ones, I found using the pouches from 7+ but I gave these to Lawson at 6 months a lot easier than figuring it out using my own food at home to get me started then I slowly introduced more lumpier foods as his confidence and progress went on with the ready made pouches, now he eats more than Oscar who's three. HiPP have a range of over 40 recipes and are perfect for progressing taste buds to more interesting flavours and textures at email times. 

Lawson also loved the fruit pots, he still eats those a lot now, HIPP organic have a wide range of products suitable from 7 months plus including 160g & 190g jars as well as savoury pouches and fruit pots.

If for any reason your child does start to choke then here are some tips from St.John Ambulance -

  • Slap it out. Sit down and lay them face down along your thigh supporting their head. Supporting the baby's head, give up to five sharp blows between their shoulder blades with the heel of your hand
  • Check their mouth for obstructions. If you can, pick the object out carefully with your fingertips without pushing it further in
  • Squeeze it out. If the back blows fail to clear the blockage, give up to five chest thrusts: With the baby laid face up along the length of your thigh, put two fingers just below the level of their nipples and push inwards and downwards, towards the baby's head up to five times. 
  • Keep checking the mouth for obstructions and repeat back blows and chest thrusts up to three times, until you've dislodged what's stopping their breathing.
  • Call for help. If they're still choking, call 999 or 112. Continue steps 2 and 3 until what’s in there has cleared, help arrives, or they become conscious.

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