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Hello lovelies, sorry this post is a little late this week and I've been a bit awol on the blog one day I will get a chance to sit down and sort the whole schedule properly of my blog, when Dan works away it will be a lot easier and give me plenty of time to sit down at night and blog more! I feel bad blogging when he's here, I've been in hospital and my dad doesn't seem to be getting any better so my heads a shed at the minute, friends? I don't even know who they are anymore. I have a couple good ones that have been there for me so much recently and I fully appreciate them but to be honest my fiancé and my children are my best friends I couldn't ask for anything more! Anyway back to the post, I am interviewing a bangin babe today who I have followed for at least 2 years now, I have always been a massive fan of her blog I hope you love it!

Kate - Sugarfixx Beauty

1. Who are you and what is your blog? I'm Kate and I blog at sugarfixxbeauty.com
2. Name yourself in three words - Kooky, Loyal & a free-thinker.
3. Name your blog in three words - Where Beauty-Addicts Unite.
4. What made you become a blogger? I was just getting into make up properly, I mean that an addiction was taking hold. I wanted to read reviews on products and I was quickly swept up in the whole blogging world. I thought it was something I could contribute to and sugarfixxbeauty was born.
5. What's made you most proud about your blog? I think seeing it grow and develop over the past almost four years and seeing how I've improved.
6. What's your favourite thing about blogging? Apart from buying products, definitely a tie between the lovely community of bloggers and my creativity being used to create content I'm proud of.
7. Name 3 of your favourite bloggers - Liza Prideaux, Tea Party Beauty (Hayley) & Vivianna Does Makeup (Anna).
8. What product could you not live without? Tough one - probably my Laura Mercier Loose powder. It's game changing! In fact I'm almost through my first tub and knowing it's nearly empty is giving me palpitations.
9. Any tips for new bloggers? Don't compare yourself to others, I do it myself and its demotivating. if you love writing, let that guide you! Write about what you love and people will see how genuine it is and come back.
10. Name 3 things inside your bag - Elizabeth & James Nirvana white rollerball, Eos lip balm and Kylie Jenner lip kit in Posie K.
11. What are you currently reading/watching right now? I've just caught up with 'How to get away with murder' and 'Blindspot' - I love twisty, dark shows like those.
12. Favorite Disney film? Usually I'd say Sleeping Beauty but I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time in ages recently and it made me super excited for the new movie.

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  1. i love this type of article, who doesn't like a nose into other peoples lives and minds hehe x

  2. Hey Paige,

    I enjoyed reading this interview - thanks for sharing it!
    Always nice to connect with others.

    ~ Zarina from KasottyBlog.com


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