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L'OREAL False lash sculpt mascara in black. £7.99 

Hello lovelies, so first things first I am really fussy when it comes to mascaras. My absolute favourite it is Maybelline Lash sensational, Maybelline never seem to let me down on mascaras but this one?! Just look at the wand... 

So the purpose of this mascara is to sculpt your lashes, frame your eyes and give them full volume. I think this mascara gives you so much volume, I loved the finish product so much after clearing my eye area up a bit, it took a little getting used to as I obviously have never tried a mascara with a wand like this, I think once I get the hang of it this will make my morning make up go far much quicker. I immediately think crocodile when I look at the wand, no idea why but I do, it has teeny tiny bristles that grasp on to every lash to build up that volume without lashes sticking together, you can keep layering it up to get some length into the lashes and still no gloopy lashes. I can't believe the difference from my non mascara'd eye to the other, what a huge difference! 

This mascara hasn't made my eyes itch at all from wearing it early hours in the morning till about eleven o'clock at night, usually with me and mascaras my eyes get quite itchy and I need to rub them then eventually get tired if it and take my eye make up of, I don't get anything like that with this mascara, it doesn't feel heavy on the lids at all and really opens up my eyes. First impressions a little messy but once you get the hang of it I think its a game changer! Who needs to keep rolling the want when you can just keep going one way with this? If your new to mascara I would just get this to try. 

If you purely just want a lengthening mascara I wouldn't go for this one, I have quite long lashes so it does help mine go quite long with the black on the lashes they seem a lot more longer and fuller, it definitely gives volume and I find this is great for the bottom lashes, so much easy to apply than a standard mascara wand you can get to all the little hard to reach lashes and great for the corner top lashes too. Overall I'm pretty impressed with this mascara and really glad I picked it up, I also have my eye on the new Max Factor mascara, have you tried that yet?


  1. Whoa! That looks great! My favorite is MAC's In Dimension 3d, but this looks so enticing! Do you know how it holds up in water/with tears or sweat?


  2. omg you are like me I am so fussy over my mascaras it is verging odd haha! once i stick to a brand i am loyal to the end, and maybelline is my high street go to, I find it hard to deviate especially as L'oreal, Max factor are the expensive side of the highstreet and if they turn out to be crap I will be fuming lol. at the mo I am loving Topshops intense party proof mascara x


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