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This weeks Save Vs Splurge is -

Concealers Rimmel Lasting finish concealer in Porcelain and Mac Studio finish concealer in NW15.

Rimmel Lasting finish concealer in Porcelain £5.49 - When I first bought this I thought Meh, too creamy to do anything with because it didn't cover my blemishes enough and chucked it at the bottom of my concealer collection draw, a couple months later I stared at it for a while an thought I'm going to give it another go before I give it away, popped it under my eyes and contoured my face and absolutely fell in love with it as you can see above I've hit pan! This is an absolute dream to contour with! I get the lightest shade of concealer to put under my eyes to really brighten them and this concealer lasts me all day without needing to top up! It is super easy to blend and a very creamy texture, medium to full coverage, it is my absolute favourite concealer at the minute.

Mac Studio finish concealer in NW15 £15.50 - This concealer literally just reminds me of the Rimmel one but for ten pounds cheaper! I find this a little bit harder to blend once its applied but it does keep put for hours, its creamy but not as creamy as the Rimmel one. It is water resistant and I find this concealer a lot better for blemishes, its opaque and covers up all those bad areas wonderfully. These two are my partners in crime at the minute, this one for covering all my blemishes up then the Rimmel one for an all over contour or just for brightening up the under eye area. 

Consistency the both are on par, longevity I'd have to actually say Rimmel and price well for the same product and paying ten pound less what would you choose? 

Long lasting - Rimmel
How they feel on the skin - Rimmel
Shade collection - Mac
Price tag - Rimmel

Rimmel - 4 stars
Mac - 3 and a half stars

Hands down Rimmel winner this week so SAVE wins, I love both of them and although the consistency is very similar in both concealers they are both great in their own ways, the Mac one definitely for blemishes, redness and maybe even slight scaring areas and the Rimmel purely for contouring and brightening up my areas which I want more of to brighten my face as I hardly have issues with blemishes, I'd definitely choose the cheaper alternative but if you like to splurge and want a great opaque concealer for hiding blemishes choose Mac. 

What's your favourite concealer? ...Collection? 

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