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Hello lovelies, thought I would feature something else on my blog, about what I've been watching, I also wanted to start doing some film reviews on here and what books I've read, I think my blog was in need of some more lifestyle posts and I am always watching series and films, I'm not much of a TV person anymore unless its guilty pleasures such as Towie, Dinner date, Gogglebox and First dates nothing else phases me anymore, I used to be a massive fan of the soaps but they bore me now, here's what I've been currently watching with the fella anyway apart from one which I think you will guess.

This american crime story retelling the behind the scenes story of O.J. Simpson magnificently filmed by CubaGooding Jr and the rest of the cast, amazing acting! Me and Dan both went into this new series with not a lot knowing of the background behind it to be honest, we had both heard about OJ but not really much into it which is better I think because if you didn't know much about it you watch it thinking could he be innocent? So many different conspiracytheories I thought maybe he got his best mate to kill his wife, he definitely made it possible either way and never should of got away with it! Using the race card as well, so many parts of the film make you angry but leaves you gripped for more, Dan hates we have to wait a seven whole days without watching more, I can't say too much about it because I've only watched 5 episodes out of the ten but were obsessed!

I clicked on this by chance when we was on BBC player searching for the OJ Simpson drama we had been watching and this was in the popular column, I clicked on it and was glad I could binge on a whole three episodes, I was hooked from the first one! It's got lots of twists in it, it's about a girl who has been captivated for thirteen years from the age of thirteen by a school teacher she claims to not of known, I hate the female officer in this because I just thought she was a bitch from the off but I'm hoping she had reason to be but at the same time (you'll understand if you've watched it) that the main girl who was captivated hasn't lied about a lot of things, they make you think she's lying about things thats why. It's so sad but gripping I can't wait for the next episode! 


Me and Dan were both a fan of the film Limitless so we couldn't wait to give this new series a go, we've only watched a couple of episodes so can't comment too much but we are enjoying it so far. It's about an average 28 year old who takes a pill that gains the ability to use the full extent of his brains capabilities which is then hired by the FBI as a consultant helping people. If you've watched the film and liked it I think you will really enjoy this, if you could take a pill that made you so clever and could do so many things would you? 

Pretty Little Liars

Well I've been watching this from the off and been so obsessed with these girls! I love this so much, so easy to watch and makes you just want to binge watch it all the time, when I was pregnant and my first was at school I pretty much binged through the whole 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars and night times when Dan was working away I was hooked! This season not so much but I couldn't not watch it, it only got interesting in the last couple of episodes up to the spring finale, I can't say much without spoiling it for everyone but I knew a certain person was dodgy! If you haven't started this you will love it! I haven't met a person who doesn't like it yet just not watched it! It is long winded because you have A LOT to catch up on but its amazing. I watch it through Netflix, I'm obsessed with Netflix and BBC player at the minute. 

What are you currently watching? Are any of the above your cup of tea?


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  2. I loved watching Thirteen, but I'm sad it's finished now! I'd really recommend A Night Manager which has 6 episodes and the finale was on Sunday, and it's incredible!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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