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Grounded body scrub Coconut 200g £15.00*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you an exfoliator you NEED in your life, I haven't come across anything like it before, firstly it smells like an absolute dream, you don't need a candle with your hot bubble bath with this bad boy, just leave the bag open and smell the aroma, heaven. 

The great thing about this bag to is it has one of those pop open sort of close on it so it stays fresh, if you love coffee and coconut you will adore this although grounded body scrub have some other scents, grapefruit and chocolate orange, I really want to try the chocolate orange next but I thought the coconut was more appealing plus I know there are amazing benefits from using coconut as well as coffee to your skincare routine. Coffee actually helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, winning already and it is amazing at exfoliating dry skin to make it feel silky smooth, it brightens the skin, tightens it and can even reduce eye puffiness just be careful when applying this to your face at is abrasive but not too much it's just right in my opinion, I applied this to my face and my skin felt like my baby sons it was so so smooth! I have quite sensitive skin though so I will do this once to maybe twice a week as I don't want to strip my skin on my face too much on my body I will do it once to twice a week too.  The coconut works perfectly with the coffee to make your skin a lot brighter, cleanses it and can make dry hands a lot softer. They use virgin coconut oil in there packages and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, full of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is actually their best selling scrub, I can 100% see why. 

If you want to smell and feel like a goddess you need this in your life the himalayan rock salt paired with the coffee scrubs of all your dead dry skin cells and renews them and soothes them with the coconut oil and sweet almond oil keeping you hydrated with some vitamin e. My skin felt amazing after just one use and I have terribly dry hands and skin and they are already starting to feel so much better, getting my body in to tip top condition for the summer months ahead and flip flop ready, this is also a great partnership if your an avid fake tanner like myself. I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite exfoliators as it is great for so many purposes, you could just use a tiny bit on your lips to get rid of those horrible dry areas and get them smooth again thanks to the coconut oil inside, an exfoliating face mask or an all over body exfoliator, I have linked this back to the grounded body scrub website but you can get these in Boots now, I never want to run out of it but once I do I'm definitely going to try the others out next. You might have seen these on dragons den?

Ingredients -  Robusta coffee beans, Coffee sucrose, Brown sugar sodium chloride, Himalayan rock salt amygdalus dulcis, sweet almond oil tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin E cocos nucifera, coconut oil parfum, coumarin, benzyl alcohol. 

Have you tried Grounded body scrub? If so let me know in the comments below.

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