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Hello lovelies, so today I thought I would do a little catch up of how the boys are doing.

Oscar - He's still the bright, very energetic bubbly three year old. He is very sensitive though even his nursery have picked this up, he cries a lot! He has tantrums don't get me wrong but he is so independent, clever and caring. He is amazing with numbers and getting there with his alphabet. He is so creative, he can play great on his own with his amazing imagination or likes playing with his friends. I'm currently reading short stories to him and getting him to repeat it back to me currently just doing the last word of the short paragraph then building it up, he is doing amazingly already he makes me so so proud everyday. Everyone kindly compliments me on how well I dress him, he helps by being so handsome too of course. He has adjusted to brotherhood swimmingly he is so loving towards his brother, never gets jealous if Lawson is getting attention he just does his own thing. He has helped me out so much since we've had Lawson too and made him even more mature than he is for a standard three year old. He is very inquisitive and will literally talk to anyone, he loves animals, cars, building and cake making.  How funny are they at this age too? He is constantly making me laugh and smile at least once a day, he also says to me 'I love you more than cake' which is a big deal if you knew how much my son loves cake aha. I think he gets night terrors sometimes or he's pulling our legs, more than likely the latter but he says 'there's monsters everywhere' some nights at 2am and comes into our bed, it's not so often anymore but I don't mind unless he's pinching all the quilt, they're not little for long so I cherish these moments, I'm personally not a fan of letting my children sleep with me nightly but thats just me, the unexpected visits are lovely though.

Lawson - He is already 10 months?! Where the hell did that even go, its making Oscar grow older quicker too, it makes me so sad how quick it all goes, I really don't want anymore but the baby stage, you just want to hold them and keep them there forever. When it's your first baby you wish everything away, first steps, first words etc with Lawson we are so relaxed we don't want him to do anything. He is so quiet though, you don't even know you have him he's had a couple of screamy nights with his teeth coming through but thats literally it, he's an amazing baby and sleeps 7am-8pm! I have been incredibly lucky to be blessed with two amazing babies and I just hope Lawson grows up like his brother. He eats ALOT I don't think I've found anything he doesn't like yet, he's finally drinking very watered down juice he was refusing everything but were sorted now. He's crawling everywhere and going around in his walker, Oscar loves pushing him around and pretending to fill up with petrol and the odd break downs. Words? Just Dada typical right I do all the hard work and no credit. He gives the best cuddles and I still melt when I see baby clothes and can't resist whenever I'm shopping.

Me? I'm doing just fine and just feel unbelievably lucky and proud to have two amazing boys in my life, I just hope I make them proud too.

Tell me more about your children below.

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