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1. It's an Easter holiday eat chocolate! Or if you have lots of chocolate left over make some treats out of them, cornflake cakes, chocolate slabs, rocky road or whatever you fancy.

2. Make something, get arts and crafty with cardboard, paper and essentials, make a bunting, paint eggs, make bunny faces or what your little ones love even colouring books, I find colouring so therapeutic, I have a great idea I seen on Pinterest too, a rain picture.

3. Have a dvd/netflix marathon, I love Disney films as much as Oscar so love cuddling up on the sofa watching films.

4. If you drive it's not so bad you can go ice skating, the cinema, soft play areas, bowling etc.

5. Play games, or even make up a new game.

6. Get baking! You could make a family recipe book of all your favourite meals.

7. Teach your children something new that they don't know about yet and quiz them on it later.

8. Make a den and read stories inside it.

9. Look through old photos and show your little ones more about your family tree then maybe make your own.

10. Dress up

11. Make a treasure hunt.

12. Jump in puddles, get your wellies on and have fun.

13. Make an in door obstacle course.

14. Re-vamp your child(s) bedroom, add some posters/wall decor/splash of paint or just have a spring clean.

15. Have a bubble bath, my favourite thing to do on a rainy day!

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