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Shoreditch One Vape pen £19.99*
E liquids £3.99 *

Hello loveleis, today I have a little surprise for you, Dan is going to be taking over today sharing his views in this new vape pen he's been trying out. Dan isn't a massive smoker, more of a social one but wants to quit all together so thought a vape pen would be a great substitute, he has tried vape pens before but never stuck at them, without further a do here is Dan's views...

Hi, I'm Dan I am a massive fan of this vape pen, I have struggled finding the right one along the years and this is perfect, firstly and most importantly I haven't choked my lungs up at all with this one which I found more so with previous vape pens, I was actually choking on them more than a normal cigarette but I haven't even wanted to touch a cigarette since I've been using this and its been a good 2-3 weeks now. The E-liquids are really nice I'm enjoying fruit salad at the moment, really fruity and it smells nice too. Its great to be able to smoke inside with the weather not so great also. 
I love the fact it has a smart oled display so I can see how much charge it has left in it I know then if it will last me through my working day or when I'm out an about. 

If your thinking of quitting the cigarettes I know its hard but it comes to finding what works best for you, some people go cold turkey some find it harder I have found using this vape pen so much easier for me to quit, it's so convenient, it looks smart, sleek enough to fit in my pocket and a great handy charging cable that is quite long. You get 300 puffs before you need to recharge and it only takes a couple of hours to fully re charge anyway so no bother at all. I'm very grateful for getting the opportunity to try this vape pen and for Paige for letting me take over her blog because she hates smoking but its winning all around now, I don't smell of cigarettes and were saving money. If you want to help your health out and save money to do better things I'd fully recommend this to you, they also do this in a white version also, Paige actually said she would choose the white one if she smoked as it's quite pretty and you get so many different flavours of e-liquids to try, if you get a vape pen we have an offer for you to get your e-liquids from £9.99 to just 99p thats three bottles for under a pound! Here - PAIGEW9701

Have you wanted to swap to vape? 

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