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Elegant Touch - Don't be sheepish nails £6.95

Want a cute touch to your nails this Easter bank holiday? These are for you, how adorable are these sheep and daisy nails, especially if your not a dab hand at nail art these are super affordable and super quick to apply! I sat watching pretty little liars and had these done in less than ten minutes, be careful with the glue though because I legit almost glued my fingers together at one point, it is so good! I'll admit its been a long while since I've applied fake nails to my fingers, you can probably tell from my poor effort above but I tried, I used to have them done professionally at the nail salon but they have damaged my nails so bad I'm never having them again.

Painting your nails can be such a chore, time consuming and always seems to smudge or chip with glue on nails you don't get that. I'm a mum, constantly cleaning, bathing children and these have lasted me 4 whole days already! I am so surprised I remember back when I did wear glue on nails they were horrific, flinging off when you open a can of diet coke these don't I assure you! If you're not a fan of the cute sheep (how could you not baaaare it?) they are baaaahrilliant. Okay enough.

They do offer some gorgeous pastel shades also and a floral print, I am obsessed with the daisy print on here I would wear those alone all year out, I also think painting your nails baby blue underneath would look super cute but I'm not overly sure if the glue sticks well to nail polish? You can tell I'm a newbie to glue on nails but I'm really impressed with these, not just the utterly cute design but them on a whole, super easy to apply just prep your nails taking all your nail varnish off, give them a file, make sure you check all the nails fit to size and lay them out, glue around your nails then push the false nail to your cuticle and press on for a few seconds, you're good to go! My three year old loves them, I am into the spirit already and will look great for our easter egg hunt coming up, elegant touch have made me want to use these again, so good if I have something coming up I can just splurge on some new nails for the occasion. 

Are you a fan of elegant touch nails? 


  1. They're gorgeous! I love Elegant Touch's seasonal nails but didn't know they did Easter nails!x

  2. I love elegant touch, such great quality!

    Parie x


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