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Cath Kidston £75.00 (no longer available) similar here*

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you my beautiful baby changing bag, my boyfriend kindly surprised me with this when I had Oscar and I didn't get much wear out of it as it was near when he was about one so I am getting lots of use out of it now. It came with a bottle case, flannel and a little changing matt which is integrated in the front pocket. 

It is made out of PVC coated cotton which makes it super easy to clean inside and out! It has plenty of pockets inside to keep everything as organised as you like and I just love the gorgeous floral desgin of it all. The strap is adjustable and it also has a little back pocket for keeping things safe, so plenty of storage space. Now what do I keep in all this amazing space...

Nappies - Obviously most importantly, I am currently using the Asda Angels nappies, I find these absorb urine well and don't leak through at all and very affordable.

Wet wipes - I am still using the Johnsons first touch wipes, they are as safe as cotton wool and water apparently and wipe so easily and sensitive so great for newborns. 

Antibacterial foam wash/hand sanitiser - Always handy if your out and about especially with a toddler right next to you into everything and if there isn't a sink anywhere near.

Sudocrem - Great for nappy rash or aiding accidents etc.

Spare clothes - You never know, accidents always happen.

Dummies - Lawson has been pretty good he doesn't really need them but there great after feeds just to settle him of so I bring spares just incase. 

Toys - Again more for Oscar the toddler, he gets bored easily so if I fancy a spontaneous Costa or I'm doing something I can occupy him with a toy out the bag. 

Purse/Keys - I don't know if it's just me but when I have a newborn and changing bag is there any point in carrying another handbag? Nope, not when I can fit everything into this thing.

Spare bottles - I am very spontaneous and so is my partner so I always like to be well prepared, if we are out and about I like to take spare bottles as I obviously don't carry my steriliser out with me, if the baby is hungry I can just get some ready made milk bottles from the shop and fill them up in my spare bottles. 

Snacks\Gum - For me and Oscar, if I'm feeling peckish, I usually throw in a couple of apples and a packet of crisps or something and Oscar's juice bottle if he hasn't got his backpack on him. 

Bibs/Muslin cloths - I love muslin cloths there just great for feeding and throwing on your shoulder to prevent sick accidents and bibs to stop gurgle drool and milk etc. 

Notebook and Pen - As I use this as pretty much my handbag too I like to keep this in there incase I have some inspiration to mind or my shopping list, baby brain has never left me!

A little make up bag - Let's be realistic, when I'm out with a baby and toddler am I really going to touch up in the supermarket toilets? Probably not but if I ever need to its there just incase. 

Deodorant - Being a mum of two is hard and sweaty work, you have to be fresh! 

What do you keep in your baby changing bag?

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