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Hello lovelies, today I was wondering around Poundland with my nan and I don't know if your like me but you go in those cheap shops and end up coming out with loads of crap you really don't need, no just me? Well I was quite good on this visit but was curious to try out some of there beauty products they have stocked by various brands. 

The first one that grabbed my attention was the Maybelline Hypercosmos with its chinese writing that makes it very difficult to know what it is, I actually thought it was a blusher stupidly but its an eye shadow, I don't mind as the colours are stunning and I look forward to doing some looks out of them, they are super pretty. I then spotted one of those beauty sponges, I do actually have a beauty blender but still haven't managed to get it out the packaging so I'm going to try this pound one before I do, I hear good things of these beauty sponges so looking forward to the outcome. 

I am a huge fan of Rimmel products and loved the look of the lip liner, I needed one in this shade so perfect to get it for just one pound as they retail at just under £5 in boots. I also liked the look of the Herbal Essences dry shampoo, I only ever usually wear the Batiste brunette one now as it doesn't leave my hair grey but I loved the smell of this one so hopefully it doesn't leave me looking grey, the size is perfect to fit in your handbag too for touch ups and what I love about dry shampoo is not only is it perfect for in between washes but it's also great for giving your hair volume. Then lastly I picked up the Barry M lip lacquer crayon, I don't think I would personally wear this on my lips after swatching it but it looks like it would be a great highlighter! 

The products that I have found are great in the pound stores are nail polish remover tubs where you twist your nails in the sponge, nail polishes from all brands saving you money, wipes, hair accessories and nail accessories. 

Have you ever found any gems in your nearest pound shops?

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