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Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliners £1.00*

Hello lovelies, today I have yet another great invention from the makeup revolution team, they never seize to amaze me or let me down and again they haven't with these beauties! I'm not one for colourful eyes usually but after looking on Pinterest and Instagram I have seen a few eye looks that I have wanted to test out on myself and these eyeliners are perfect for that especially priced at just one pound! Even better? Their new formula makes it perfect for your eyes and lips so if you aren't feeling too confident to put the gorgeous bright colours on your eyes you can put them on your lips. 

I love how pigmented the white one is 'Tipx' if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter applying a white eyeliner to your waterline will really help bring those bright eyes out, I also love the brown eyeliner 'Iconic brown' for a daytime look on my lash line as well as the black one 'Black' for a more dramatic look, they last all day and apply super easy. I know with most cheap eyeliners you sort of feel them tugging on your eyes as you drag the pencil across but you don't get that with these at all. They feel super soft and glide like a dream on your lids or waterline. 

They are also mobile friendly with there super useful sharpener lid, there is nothing worse when you take your favourite eyeliner/lipliner away with you and you forget your sharpener, with these that won't be a worry. I am really looking forward to trying out some colourful eye looks and trying these on my lips too, I shall take some looks for you and put it in a joint post, if you get 5 of these at the moment on the makeup revolution website you only have to pay four pounds so your getting one free. 

Have you tried the new makeup revolution eyeliners?

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