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Febulous hair feature - My current hair saviors.

Hello lovelies, so the weekend is over again so soon and so is my week of hair posts. Hope you enjoyed my lovely guest bloggers a huge thank you to them for taking part. I loved them all and hopefully you enjoyed mine too and it gave you some hairspiration sorry I did it again. Cringe. To finish the post of I thought I would tell you my current hair saviors at the moment as I'm always changing my products around and this is what I am currently using.

Shampoo and Conditioner

At the minute I am using the Aussie collection, Miracle Moist shampoo and 3 minute miracle colour mate deep treatment conditioner These two babies have made a massive difference to my hair after years of abusing it, dying it etc. Once I have had a bath or shower after using these my hair just feels amazingly soft and smells gorgeous! There always on great offers like three for £10 or there even selling Aussie products in Home Bargains now if you have one near by for like £2.99 a bottle which is a bargain. I would highly recommend these products to sort your dry distressed hair out.

Hair Mask

I am currently using the Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Hair conditioning mask, it is around £5 and sometimes in the supermarkets they go on offer for around £2 which is awesome. This is so nourishing to your hair and instantly hydrates your dead ends and gives your hair a real good drink. The 5 is for these 5 great added bonus's, It feels stronger, looks fuller, looks revitalised, healthy looking shine and looks silkier. I agree with all of them and my hair just feels brand new after using it just the once! If your a serial hair dyer like me you need this in your life.

Hair Oil

Moroccan oil is the best thing I have ever used on my hair, I was dubious to the price tag and when I went to the clothes show they were giving out sample sized gifts for around £15 I think so I thought this is the perfect chance to try it out before I spend a fortune on some oil and that £15 was well worth it and I am even going to spend the whole whack on a full sized one once I am finished with this one as it really is amazing. You only need the tiniest bit also and just run it through your ends try not to go too near the scalp as it can make your hair really greasy. I imagine it will last you a very long time as this has lasted me since December and I'm not even half way through it yet. The smells quite nice also and once my hair has dried naturally it just feels like silk no frizzy bits and a dream to brush through.

Hair spray treatments

If you didn't see my depressing tweets or facebook status's a while back you would have missed me moaning about me loosing my hair. I don't know if its from having Oscar, Stress or the copious amounts of dying it but I just shower away and my hair is just falling out or I'm brushing it and ridiculous amounts are being taken out. So I came across this product in Morrisons funnily enough and thought this sounds interesting, Loreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Treatment. You simply just spray it on your roots and ends if you wish a couple times through the day wet or dry hair it doesn't matter and the spray is supposed to work through your hair folicles and work its magic with its Arginine and Protein nourishing your locks to prevent you from loosing your hair from every day wear and tear you put your hair through. I have only been using it a couple of weeks and noticing about of a difference so will continue to use this and hope it helps a lot more. 
The heat protectant I have been loving lately is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray. I just spray this all over my hair after putting my Moroccan oil in before hair drying and I am ready to go. It helps out from the dryness of my hair and reducing the dead ends I get from straightening my hair I do also spray again after I have dried my hair though, I don't know if you need to I just do, can never be too careful right.

I never used to really bother with hair products but I needed to start doing after all the torture my poor hair has been through! You would never believe my natural hair colour is mousy blonde but it is. I wouldn't go back to that colour now but I do plan on going back lighter for Summer, I love a good hair change but I need to keep on top of looking after my hair and I am loving these products at the moment and open to recommendations from you lovely lot if you have any for me.

Do any of these products tickle your fancy or have you tried them before?

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